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Forum dedicato a tutti gli altri linguaggi attualmente non diffusi per utilizzo web. This is because you will want to transfer resources from your first village to the second to speed up its growth and the larger the distance the slower you can push the resources trough.

travisn If you’re very conscious of your CP and don’t mind laying low on the attacker board for a bit no hero usageyou can be top 10 pop quite reasonably. Google and Travian forums is where you want to go for searching. When i start from 0 units im ofcourse a bit more sensible but as soon as im in business i do the following to renew and increase my farmlist:.

Most experienced players are also willing to help newer players out so ask them first if you need help with anything. I checked the wiki about the quest and it says you can only get the cp after you have settled the second village. Just an update to all about a “Guide Section” It guiva something that is planned but at a later stage when more of these guides are written by players such as yourself.

I hope you liked the guide, comment or ask questions below, if needed I will add more stuff here later as well Regards: We raid their villages, steal their artefacts and settle in their grey zones, but who exactly are the Natars? If you’re granary is large enough you can collect enough wheat to NPC for 2 fields which saves money if you are indeed instabuilding wheatfields.


Not claiming it to be the best starting strategy, but it leads to fast settling and requires such a minimal effort. Gauls also have good offensive and defensive options in both their infantry and their cavalry categories while also having generally good stats for their price and training time. Episode 3 of many in this play-through of the 3x Fire and Sand Travian server on the international domain FB: Gauls can boast on having the strongest defense of all the tribes especially during the early stages of the game.

Additionally the more active you the higher cropper you should choose. If someone is interested. Quattro chiacchiere comode comode in compagnia After only 4 days, many players already got their 2nd village which is impossible without the extra cp boost.

Travian 1 Haftada Neler oldu? Obviously there are accounts that will be able to settle even faster than you with this guide but that requires either a ton of gold, boost accounts aka techs or just having more luck in raiding.

Want to add to the discussion? Let me know if you tried this and how it went for you. Your troop numbers might vary a bit depending on how you play and how much luck you have on your adventures and daily card game rolls but that should give you an idea what you need to have at this point. If my mainvillage produces This strategy is quite similar to the two scenarios above. First published inmillions of players around the world now enjoy this classic game.

Efficient starting guide (UK) – מידע ומדריכים – Travian: Legends Forum

The requirements you see in the wiki relates to when it actually shows up in your quest book which is after the second village in normal circumstances.

The closer you build the faster you can develop. Pacchetti Grafici Guida ai pacchetti grafici per travian. Installare il Truppen Tool Forum dedicato all’installazione del truppen tool su un proprio dominio. Always make sure to check any new quests as they appear. The first few days For the purposes of this guide I will assume you have registered on a new server less than 24h of the start of the server. Early game this means you guixa have to attack the same hideout multiple times for your soldiers to carry back all the resources.


Beginner’s Guide – First week as Gaul

Costituzione Esempio per ally Un esempio di costituzione per un miglior sviluppo e gestione di un’ally in Travian. Guide per Imperion Qui potrete trovare delle guide e dei link utili, per Imperion, e conoscere meglio questo “Universo” Moderatore: So instead of being 5th you will be tied th and it’s just a case of who has the shortest travel time.

Lvl17 Crop lands done by Day70 Maybe need less, maybe more, but that’s what I spend when upgrading the cropper I usually get lvl18s by day70 This will leave you some gold to upgrade other villages, too.

I choose the one that i liked the most. Before you go beyond population, make sure you have around Phalanx and 10 Pathfinders.

The last Settler you complete will reward you with large sum of resources so finish the Settlers before anything else. In order to found a new village one must have enough Culture Points CP. Phalanx is arguably the best defensive unit in the game and will form a back bone of any Gaul player seeking to defend themselves or their allies from enemies.

The goal in the first three days is to maximize resource production along with CP production — with slight changes obviously. Activating the account and the Order of the Tasks.

Our goals in the order we will complete them for the first week tracian Thank you for taking the time to read this! I wanna get better.