vAyustutiH athavA khilavAyustutiH || shrI harivAyustutiH || || atha shrI nakhastutiH || pAntvasmAn puruhUtavairi balavanmAta~Nga mAdyadghaTA. The Hari Vayu Stuti comprises 8 sectionss. (1) Two slokas of Nakha Stuti, prefixing the Vayu stuti, (2) Six slokas of Mangala Charana, (3) Ten slokas of Moola. v Now with full stotra audio v Lecture in Kannada by Shri Satyatma Teertha (needs data connection). View stotra text in PDF on your phone or tablet.

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Vayu Stuti

It is said that when Trivikrama Panditacharya presented his work, Sri Madhva insisted that the work should not harri dedicated to his praise alone and instantly composed the Nakha Stuti and instructed that it be chanted before and after the Vayu Stuti. Acharya, You are the fountainhead of knowledge and are capable of carrying out any assigned task very easily, however difficult they may be.

Acharya, we plead with you, as well as Shree Hari, to release us from the problems and attachment of the present mundane world and lead us through to the path and destination of Moksha. Vagu this hqri strange, Sri Trivikrarna Panditacharya, peeped in the room through the open window. These poisonous words and works which were confusing righteous people have been destroyed by yourselves in the avataras of Sage Veda Vyasa and Sri Madhvacharya.

Vayu Stuti – Wikipedia

We pay our obeisance to them. However one day, Trivikrama Panditacharya got increasingly curious as vaayu sound of bells was not heard even after a long time. YouSigma – the web’s most extensive resource for information. This page was last edited on 19 Marchat February 22, at 9: Since he could not defeat you in war, he decided to destroy you through your wife, Bharati Devi, the custodian of the vedas.


Being the fountainhead of knowledge, we pray to you to release us from the bondage of life and death, ignorance and blasphemy.

This Sloka helps develop a powerful and charming personality. We plead with you, Acharya, to release us from the attachment of the present mundane world and lead us through to the path and destination of Moksha.

He is best described in these modern times as a research scholar, who delved hadi the most difficult of the actual vedic texts and made a simple analysis of the Vedic philosophy, which we now call as Dwaita Philosophy. These flowers were protected by etuti hundred Crore demons led by a cunning, evil, clever and short tempered leader called Manimanta. Your Saga is written and praised by Gandharvas and danced by the Apsaras. Those Who read this lyrical poem daily ad praise both Sri Hari and Vayu are blessed and are free from hqri mundane attachments and quickly tie the path towards Moksha.

This Sloka acts as an antidote against many dreaded diseases.

We plead with you to impart some knowledge that will help us overcome these feelings. Part of a series hwri. One of the very influential and respected followers of Advaita phiiososphy, Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya of present day Kasargod in Kerala state, challenged Sri Anandatirtha for a debate.

Hanuma, it was due to the blessings of Sri Rama, that you were able to destroy the Rakshashas, who were given the cloak of invincibility by Brahma and Rudra. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Enter your comment here Vayudeva, your enemies the Tamasic set of people eyes are gouged with sharp fingernails and teeth and spit as they are perpetually famished. After some heated verbal exchanges, which you lost, you realized that you had met your earlier avatara, Hanumantha.


Acharya the dust generated from your foot steps is enough to protect and cleanse me, a mortal. Acharya, You came to this world as a Brahmin in the Madhyageha family syuti Rajatpeetha. Sri Madhava charya, the founder of the Dwaita Philosophy of Hinduism, was born in a small village ailed Paajakakshetra, near the present day Udipi in Karnataka state. Giving in to her desire to get some more you proceeded to Mount Meru.

You are commenting using your WordPress. During the trek to the hzri, you came across a huge old monkey with its tail lying across your path. The Vayu Vayy comprises 41 paras. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Go to Home Page. Hunumantha, we pay obeisance to you. Due to his deva bhakti, he was born again and became very strong and vaju down to the earth and began a systematic destruction of the Shastras and Vedas.

Of the eleven Akshohinis one Akshonini or battalion comprising 21, chariots; 21, elephants; 65, horses; andfoot soldiersyou single handedly destroyed six Akshohinis. This Sloka helps giving up mundane attachments and begetting good children. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.