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The Germans withdrew, trying to avoid contact with the Bolsheviks. The war began with the disarmament of a few Russian garrisons. This act introduced the confiscation of land estates from noblemen and the clergy without indemnity and their handover to the peasants.

Germans and Austrians became the guarantors of the existing social order, protecting the Kingdom of Poland from the dangerous influence of the Russian revolution.

Communal and municipal councils of delegates were chosen in democratically but only workers, craftsmen and poor peasants were allowed to take part in the elections. The constitutional character lity the state as well as its territorial shape, which foresaw the unification of all three annexed Polish territories, had to be confirmed in the future by the Russian Legislative Assembly.

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AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Historia Litwy [History of Lithuania], vol. The atmosphere worsened after 3 September when the Germans entered Riga.

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Pokrštavanje Litve – Wikipedija

A strong anti-Bolshevik front formed. This text is licensed under: Please try your request again later. The Russian revolution weakened the Russian commitment to the First World War and strengthened the strategic position of Germany. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. The German occupation ochmwski independence tendencies], in: For the next forty years, Finnish trade unionists and worker activists who were in Finland during the war were accused of betrayal and Bolshevik sympathies.


On 24 September the Lithuanian Council Lietuvos Taryba was constituted with a majority on the right and only two Social Democrat members. Working class committees stopped the export of factory machines to Russia and took control of private factories, railways and banks.

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The Seimas disclosed deep differences between Lithuanian politicians. An autonomic organ of power — the Provisional National Council — was established.

In Finland the Russian Revolution created conflict between national and socialist factions over the question of the political shape of Lutwy state and its future relations with Russia. License This text is licensed under: This caused the resistance from the ruling middle class parties which formed a strong block against influential opposition of Social Democrats.

In Finland devolved into civil war. As a result of the German offensive, Latvia was divided by the front line in the autumn of They quickly obtained a predominant position in the Latvian social democracy. In the Polish Kingdom and Lithuania there was no direct impact because of the German occupation.

The leader of the Social Democrats, Otto Wilhelm Kuusinenplanned to carry out radical social reforms in Finland. The majority of the Russian soldiers did not want to take part in a Finnish war and willingly allowed themselves to be disarmed, aiming only to return to Russia. Thanks to energetic action the Bolsheviks quickly took control over transport and communications.

The workers and peasants in the Latvian Riflemen units were under particularly strong influence of Bolshevik agitation. In Dorpat Tartu the assembly of deputies of Estonian organizations presented for the first time the project of Estonian autonomy.

This Provisional Government wanted histofia secure the loyalty of Estonians in new Russia, permitting them to introduce national autonomy as well as freedom of political activity. The Bolsheviks appointed revolutionary Courts of Justice which had to be chosen by the voting population. International Encyclopedia of the First World War, ed. As a result of German conquest it became impossible for national politicians to proclaim independence.


The majority of Polish socialists first of all wanted to build an independent state and they perceived the socialist revolution as premature.

Provide feedback about this page. This situation led to political strife in Latvia but did not lead to civil war. The German aristocracy oxhmaski the leadership of Eduard von Dellingshausen was not in favor of this move but on 15 April the Provisional Government was able to abolish serfdom. In the case of the Baltic states, the Bolshevik expansion succeeded for the short time but this was a military invasion from the outside without greater local support.

Baltic independence and Russian empireNew York Autonomy became the new Bolshevik slogan. The Estonian language became the official language of instruction in schools. Among the demands was the improvement of food supply, peace and freedom for Poland.

Pokrštavanje Litve

The activity of society made great impression on the government which on 30 March introduced an administrative and self-government reform in the Estland Estonian Governorate.

After histlria event France and Germany also proclaimed their acknowledgement of the new state. Estonia became the only land of Russia whose autonomy was guaranteed by the Provisional Government. Preparing to stage a coup, the Bolsheviks counted on the support of oochmaski gigantic Russian garrison in Estonia which in autumn hadmen.