polipropileno isotáctico homopolímero (PPh) y un material comercializado como “copolímero de impacto” (PPc). Entre las propiedades evaluadas y ensayos. Copolímeros e Homopolímeros. Processos Industriais. Gustavo Amorim. Larissa Reinke. O que é;. 1. 2. 3. 4. Exemplos. Usos;. Como se produz. Copolímeros. Derivados de carbamida de n’-polihidroxi-n’-alquilo polimerizables procedimiento para su preparacion, su utilizacion y sus homopolimeros o copolimeros.

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Paramelt Specialty Chemicals (suzhou) Co. Ltd., Sutong Road, Suzhou I

Nantong City, Jiangsu Natural and chemically derived additives for copolineros and beverages. Masse de moulage en pvc avec des matieres ajoutees en combinaison avec des silanes. Industriella vax, lim och vattenburna dispersioner for belaggning, tillsatsmedel och processhjalpmedel inom ostproduktion, flexibla farpackningsindustrin, konverterande pappers- och kartongindustrin, kosmetik- och farmaceutiska industrin, kemiska industrin, konstruktions- och monteringsindustrin.

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Masterbatch for improving stiffness and transparency of copoliimeros random propylene copolymer. Xishan City, Jiangsu Insecticides. Hungarian Ipari viaszok, ragasztok es viz diszperziok, aditivumok es seged anyagok sajt gyartashoz, flexibilis csomagolo anyagok ipara, papir es hullam karton feldolgozas, kozmetikai es gyogyszer ipar, vegyi ipar, epiteszeti es tarsult ipar.

Polymerization catalyst, process for preparing, and use for ethylene polymerization. Wuxi Yuhua Chemical Co. You might also like. All the lines are busy at the moment, please try again in a moment.

CN1080933A – 适合于使乙烯聚合和共聚成为超高分子聚乙烯的催化剂体系的制备方法 – Google Patents

Preparation of a magnesium halide support for olefin polymerization and a catalyst composition using the same. Los productos tipicos son ceras para quesos, coberturas para quesos, ceras para acabados, ceras para laminados, precintos calientes, hot-melts, extrusionados hot-melt, cera de abejas, cera de carnauba, microceras, ceresinas, ozoceritas, cera para desplumaje, cera de moldear, ceras antiozono, ceras de caucho, antiozonantes, adhesivos hot-melt, hot-melts de metaloceno, hot-melts de poliolefino, adhesivos hot-melt de presion sensible psaadhesivos hoopolimeros embalaje, emulsiones de ceras, copolmeros acuosas de ceras, dispersiones de polimeros, coberturas barrera, coberturas para precintos calientes, adhesivos dextrina, adhesivos homopolimero, adhesivos de copolimero, adhesivos de poliuretano, 1-K PU, 2-K PU, copolimsros de contacto, adhesivos a base de solventes.

Multistage process for producing low-temperature resistant polypropylene compositions. High flow tpo composition with excellent balance in mechanical properties for automotive interior. Wuxi City, Jiangsu Chemicals and auxiliaries for rubber and plastics. Click on one of the icons to share the company. Process for manufacturing high to ultra high molecular weight homopoli,eros using novel bridged metallocene catalysts.


Danyang City, Jiangsu Fertilisers, organic carbon based.

Suzhou City, Jiangsu Primers. Les produits typiques sont les cires d’enrobage fromageres, enductions plastiques fromageres, paraffins pour pappier haut brillant, cires de contrecollage, hotmelts pour enductions thermocollantes, hotmelts pour extrusion, cires d’abeille, cires de carnauba, cires microcristallines, ceresines, cires de process, cires ozokerites, cires a greffer, cires a plumer, cires a modeler, cires anti-ozones, cires pour caoutchouc, colles thermofusibles hotmeltshotmelts base metallocene, hotmelts base polyolefine, hotmelts autocollants PSAcolles pour l’emballage, emulsions aqeuses de cires, emulsions de polymeres, enductions barrieres, enductions thermoscellables, emulsions thermoscellables, colles dextrine, colles aqueuses homopolymeres, colles aqueuses copolymeres, colles polyurethanes un composant et deux composants, colles contact, colles solvants.

Detectable water-treatment polymers and methods for monitoring the concentration thereof. Heterophasic polyolefin composition having improved flowability and impact strength.


Changzhou City, Jiangsu Paints. Katalysator-komponenten, katalysator homopolimfros verfahren fuer die polymerisation von olefinen. A procatalyst for polymerization of olefins containing a trans-esterification product of a lower alcohol homopollimeros a phthalic acid ester.

Wuxi, Jiangsu Varnishes and lacquers. Mezcla del reactor in situ de un polipropileno nucleado catalizado por Ziegler-Natta y un polipropileno catalizado por metaloceno. Czech Prumyslove vosky, lepidla a vodni disperze, aditiva a pomocni latky pro vyrobu syru, prumysl flexibilnich obalu, spracovani papiru a lepenky, kosmeticky a farmaceuticky prumysl, chemicky prumysl, stavebni a pridruzeny priemysl. CN CNC zh. Description Key figures Executives Activities. By continuing to use our services beginning May 25,you acknowledge and agree to our updated Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Fungicides homopoimeros bactericides. Slovak Priemyselne vosky, lepidla a vodne disperzie, aditiva a copolimwros latky na vyrobu syrov, priemysel flexibilnych obalov, spracovanie papiera a lepenky, kozmeticky a farmaceuticky priemysel, chemicky priemysel, stavebny a pridruzeny priemysel.

Typical products are cheese waxes, cheese coatings, gloss coating waxes, laminating waxes, heat seal hot melts, extrusion hot melts, bees waxes, Catawba waxes, microwaxes, ceresines, basewaxes, ceresines, ozocerites, grafting waxes, defeathering waxes, modelling waxes, anti-ozone waxes, rubber waxes, antiozonants, hot melt adhesives, metallocene hot melts, polyolefin hot melts, pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives psapackaging adhesives, wax emulsions, water based wax dispersions, polymer dispersions, barrier coatings, heat homooplimeros coatings, heat seal dispersions, dextrine adhesives, homopolymer adhesives, copolymer adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, 1-K PU, 2-K PU, contact adhesives, solvent based adhesives.


Pharmaceutical compositions containing a sympathomimetic amine and a 2-amino or substituted amino alkyloxoalkyl-4,5-dihydro-s-triazolo 1,5-a pyrimidine derivative. Yixing City, Jiangsu Chemicals for textiles. Yixing Liao Yuan Chemical High flow thermoplastic polyolefin with balanced mechanical performance and low shrinkage and clte. Gas phase polymerization and reactor assembly comprising a fluidized bed reactor and an external moving bed reactor.

Automotive material with excellent flow, high stiffness, excellent ductility and low CLTE. Procedimiento para la fabricacion de un sistema de homopolimerso para la polimerizacion y copolimerizacion de etileno en homopolimeros y copolimeros de etileno de molecula ultraelevada.

Voks til industrielt brug, lim og vandbaserede dispersioner til brug som coatings, additiver og til osteproducenter, fleksibel emballage, papir og karton forarbejdende industri, kosmetik og farmaceutisk insustri, kemisk industri, let konsturktion.

Cere industriali, dispersioni uso colla e a base acquosa usate come rivestimenti, additivi e acceleratori di processo principi attivi nell’industria casearia, industria imballaggio flessibile, industria trasformazione carta e cartone, industria cosmetica e farmaceutica, industria chimica, industria di assemblaggio-costruzione- produzione. Process for polymerizing olefin polymers in the presence of a catalyst system and a method of controlling the process.

Foerfarande foer framstaellning av katalytkomponenter foer polymerisation av olefiner. Homopollimeros n’-polyhydroxy-n’-alkylharnstoffderivate, verfahren zu ihrer herstellung, deren verwendung und daraus erhaeltliche homo- oder copolymeren. Cessation of patent right cessation of patent right due to non-paymentof the annual fee. Nouvelles hydroxymethyl-5 oxazolidinones-2, leur procede de preparation et leur application therapeutique.

Highly isotactic PP resin with wide melting distribution having improved BOPP film properties and easy processing characteristics.

Frequent updates ensuring high quality data Help with expert advice Dedicated customer service team. You might also like: Derives de la vitamine d3, leur procede de preparation et leur cololimeros en therapeutique.

Xuzhou Kaida Fine Chemica Latex binders and coatings containing polymers derived from polymerizable saccharide monomers.

Derivados de carbamida de n’-polihidroxi-n’-alquilo polimerizables procedimiento para su preparacion, su utilizacion y sus homopolimeros o copolimeros.