OptiX RTN Radio Transmission System. VRC Commissioning and Configuration Guide (Web LCT). Issue, Date, HUAWEI. Huawei provides technical support resources for OptiX RTN Series Transmission Network. Access product manuals, HedEx documents, and visio stencils. Huawei provides technical support resources for OptiX RTN A Series Transmission Network. Access product manuals, HedEx documents, and visio stencils.

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Then, the configuration interface of IF bandwidth is displayed. For traffic within the bandwidth limit, AF assures quality in forwarding. As a result, services will fail to run properly. Step 2 Click Query. Hence, you must exercise caution when using optical fibers.

Step 7 Click Apply. Verify that the fiber jumper is in good condition and is correctly routed. During operation, prevent any short- circuit, and prevent the electrolyte from overflowing or leakage.

Therefore, the two endfaces and flange of every external fiber must be cleaned before the fiber is led into the equipment through the ODF for being inserted into an optical interface on the equipment. The value of State Machine Status should be Idle. The link that transmits clocks is in the normal state. If the test is not successful, see Maintenance Guide and rectify the fault based on the test result. Activate Yes Yes l This parameter specifies whether to Immediately No immediately activate the configured service.

NOTE l It is recommended that you test low-priority Ethernet services in good weather conditions, where the AM function works in the mnaual modulation mode. Step 4 Configure IF information for a radio link 1. At the same time, the local end reports an alarm to the NMS, indicating that the link IDs do not match. In the single rate three color marker srTCM mode, the traffic control is achieved by the token buckets C and E. No BER tester is available on site, and the Refer to 5.


If a person contacts battery electrolyte, clean the skin that contacts the battery electrolyte immediately by using water.

RTN 950 V100R003C01 Commissioning and Configuration Guide 02(Web LCT)

The system displays a dialog box indicating The operation may interrupt the service, are you sure to continue? Set the parameters of NE A as follows: In this manner, the layer 2 virtual private network VPN is provided for the user. When installing or maintaining an aerial on the tower or mast that is installed with multiple aerials, switch off the transmitter in advance. Prerequisite The equipment must be equipped with an E1 interface board, and the E1 port must travel through the DDF before being connected to another device.

In this way, the impact huawel a fault can be lowered to the minimum. The simulation approximates to the real situation. Step 4 Enter the name of the NE in Name. Figure shows the method of wearing an ESD wrist strap.

Steady red Indicates that the fan is faulty. Avoid any fault in the alignment of antennas in the process of tightening the screws.

RTN VRC01 Commissioning Guide 04 – Huawei

Hauwei traffic that exceeds the bandwidth limit, AF degrades the service class and continues to forward the traffic instead of discarding the packets.

No BER tester is available on site, and the See 5.

For a device with a single frame, one node stands for one device. Also the standards body responsible for GSM. Figure shows a network composed of radio links, and the test procedures are similar in the case of a network composed of optical fiber links.


Clock Source Priority Table FPGA See field programmable gate array fragment Piece of manula larger packet that has been broken down to smaller units. The protocol that introduces the mapping between VLANs and multiple spanning trees. ryn

Connect the fiber jumper to the optical power meter. In Active Channel, Protection Channel should be displayed. NOTE The recommended settings for the parameters are as follows: Slightly adjust the elevation and azimuth of the antenna at point 2 as shown in Figure until the peak signal appears.

NOTE The faulty board reports related huawwi alarms regardless of parameter settings. It enables the maximum downlink data service rate to reach manua Power on the standby ODU at the remote end. The PW is established and maintained by PEs through signaling protocols. Bursts of data can be stored in rtb until they can be handled by slower processing devices. Step 9 Click Start. Select 3-Ext-ID and press Huawi. Therefore, no tester is required.

Transmission – – l This parameter indicates or specifies the Frequency MHz transmit frequency of the ODU, namely, the channel central frequency. Figure shows the head-on view of a free-space model for radio propagation with concentric rings of side lobe peaks and troughs radiating outward from the main lobe.

In this manner, the NMS can accurately record the time when an alarm, a performance event, or an abnormal event occurred.