Hughes AK Sound Retrieval System. add a review I have two AK- ‘s, one working, one not. I would very much like to obtain a PDF. Title: Hughes AK SRS Audio Magazine Review, Author: Ty chamberlain, Name: Hughes AK SRS Audio Magazine Review, Length: 4 pages, Page: 1, . Description. Find A Used Hughes AK HUGHES AK SOUND RETRIEVAL SYSTEM. The Hughes AK Sound Retrieval System.

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It processes the difference and sum components so that the resulting signals correspond with the spectral registration of human hearing.


Can be placed between the pre-amp output and the main-amp input if you receiver allows such connectionsso that’s how i placed it on my Marantz SR receiver. Bluetooth Audio Amplifier, 2-Ch.

Works like a charm. Try some minor tweaks here and there, and once you settle things to your satisfaction, give it a few sessions with no changes If you are looking for that massive stereo sound, and are finding that your plug ins just are doing the trick, hit us up.


I’ll post some pics later but for now I was hoping that those who are familiar with it could answer a few questions. I have a similar unit.

I found that especially true with the center control. Hopefully it’s a nice toy. Which unit do you have? The AK may reproduce low frequency rumbling. Your name or email address: I posted in the other thread Overall, we at Studio 11 found that really nothing else compares to the AK for stereo enhancement. But I’ll tell you that it does work very well. Like most ambience enhancers results vary with different types of music,acoustic jazz works pretty well.

I did pick one up and will be installing it shortly to see if it makes a difference in imaging. I have Hughes AK and it works as advertised. Home Audio Surround Sound Processors 5. I’ve got one, and just route it through a tape loop.

Hughes AK-100

The real test of any post processing is if you can’t listen without it. Also has a “3-D mono” setting to create artificial “stereo” from any mono source, hughrs the AM radio. Pushing this switch will also decrease the amount of ambient information during quiet passages in music or in film soundtracks. Many people relegate these devices into the audio “toys” department.


The speakers at least Verified purchase: Skip to main hughee. Home Audio Surround Sound Processors. Share This Page Tweet.

Do you already have hughs account? Have to dig the AK out of storage and hook it up again If it’s anything like those demos I will be very pleased.

I use mine almost all of the time. Awesome accessory for any 2-channel stereo.

The Hughes system addresses the fact that the transfer function of human hearing is not hughex. It employs no artificial reverberation, and neither does it use harmonic generation or artificial phase correction alteration.