Gilfredo Marengo, author of the book “La nascita di un’enciclica. Humanae vitae alla luce degli Archivi Vaticaniˮ (Birth of an encyclical. Humanae vitae is not a “pre-conciliar” encyclical, Bl. Paul VI did not develop The book “La nascita di un enciclica” (The Birth of an encyclical). Una ricerca storica sulla nascita di Humanae vitae – l’ultima enciclica di papa Paolo VI emanata il 25 luglio del – realizzata attraverso.

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The only possible solution to this question is one which envisages the social and economic progress both of individuals and of the whole of human society, and which respects and promotes true human values. The encyclical opens with an assertion of the competency of the magisterium of the Catholic Church to decide questions of morality.

Humanae vitae – Wikipedia

It is to be anticipated that perhaps not everyone will easily accept this particular teaching. Vos primi in ministerio vestro perfungendo exemplum sinceri obsequii edite, humanze interius exteriusque ecclesiastico Magisterio tribuendum est.

For by this sacrament they are strengthened and, encuclica might almost say, consecrated to the faithful fulfillment of their duties. The question is not of changing doctrine, but of digging deep and making sure that pastoral care takes into account situations and what it is possible for persons to do.

One is enough for the Church.

On ‘Humanae vitae’- Pope Paul VI did not act alone

Just as man does not have unlimited dominion over his body in general, so also, and with more particular reason, he has no such dominion over his specifically sexual faculties, for these are concerned by their very nature with the generation of life, of which God is the source. Quaerunt insuper num, ob suorum officiorum conscientiam, qua hodie magis homines fruuntur, tempus iam ipsis advenerit, quo tradendae vitae munus potius rationi et voluntati suae, quam certis sui corporis vicibus, sit tribuendum.

The marriage of those who have been baptized is, in addition, invested with the dignity of a sacramental sign of grace, for it represents the union of Christ and His Church.

To Pope Paul VI, as with of all his predecessors, marital relations are much more than a union of two people.

Nemo sane christifidelium eat infitias, ad Ecclesiae Magisterium interpretationem legis moralis naturalis spectare. Tantum igitur abest, ut matrimonium e casu quodam vel e caeco naturalium virium cursu nascatur, ut reapse illud sapienter providenterque Creator Deus ea humqnae instituerit, ut in hominibus suum amoris consilium efficeret.

Huamnae VI himself, in the end, urged confessors to be very merciful and pay attention to concrete situations. In formulating his teaching he explained why he did not accept the conclusions of the Pontifical Commission on Birth Control established by his predecessor, Pope John XXIIIa commission he himself had expanded.


‘Humanae Vitae’ was a rewrite

uhmanae AAS viate; to Society of Hematology: Est ante omnia amor plane humanushoc est sensibilis et spiritualis. It could well happen, therefore, that when people, either vitse or in family or social life, experience the inherent difficulties of the divine law and are determined to avoid them, they may give into the hands of public authorities the power to intervene in the most personal and intimate responsibility of husband and wife.

Marriage, then, is far from being the effect of chance or the result of the blind evolution of natural forces. Attamen conclusiones, ad quas Coetus pervenerat, a Nobis tales existimari non poterant, quae vim iudicii certi ac definiti prae se ferrent, quaeque Nos officio liberarent, tam gravis momenti quaestionem per Nosmetipsos consideratione expendendi; his vel etiam de causis, quod in Coetu plena sententiarum consensio de normis moralibus proponendis afuerat, quodque praesertim quaedam quaestionis dissolvendae viae rationesque exstiterant, a doctrina morali de matrimonio, a Magisterio Ecclesiae firma constantia proposita, discedentes.

We take this opportunity to address those who are engaged in education and all those whose right and duty it is to provide for the common good of human society. It huamnae not, then, merely a humabae of natural instinct or emotional drive.

Only 26 out of the participants in the Synod respond to a request that they give an opinion on birth control.

Paul heard him out and said merely, “Yes, pray for me; because of my weaknesses, the Church is badly governed. Here We believe an almost limitless field lies open for the activities of the great international institutions. It could never be right for her to declare lawful what is in fact unlawful, since that, by its very nature, is always opposed to the true good of man. Despite pressure, the work toward the drafting of neciclica encyclical proceeded.

Faithfulness to God’s Design In the procreative faculty the human mind discerns biological laws that apply to the human person. Ecclesia enim erga homines non aliter ac Divinus Redemptor se gerere potest: Our words would not be an adequate expression of the thought and solicitude of the Church, Mother and Teacher of all peoples, if, after having recalled men to the observance and respect of the divine law regarding matrimony, they did not also support mankind in the honest regulation of birth amid the difficult conditions which today afflict families and peoples.

Posita enim volventibus saeculis a vitaae coniugibus exempla non tantum probant, eam esse matrimonii naturae consentaneam, sed insuper ex ea, veluti e fonte, intimam diuturnamque felicitatem fluere. Iamvero coniugalis amor tunc nobis maxime veram suam naturam nobilitatemque ostendet, si illum, quasi a supremo quodam fonte, a Deo manare cogitaverimus, qui Caritas est6 quique Pater est, ex quo omnis paternitas in caelis et in terra nominatur.


Therapeutic means necessary to cure diseases are exempted, even if a foreseeable impediment to procreation should result, but only if infertility is not directly intended. Nihil profecto est dubii, quin naturae impetibus, rationis liberaeque voluntatis ope, imperare asceseos sit opus, ut nempe amoris significationes, coniugalis vitae propriae, cum recto ordine congruant; quod praesertim ad usum continentiae, certis temporis intervallis servandae, requiritur.

Should they regard this as necessary, they may even impose their use on everyone. Inthe Pope’s Apostolic exhortation, Familiaris consortio restated the Church’s opposition to artificial birth control stated previously in Humanae vitae.

Quocirca per mutuam sui donationem, quae ipsorum propria est et exclusoria, coniuges illam persequuntur personarum communionem, qua se invicem perficiant, ut ad novorum viventium procreationem et educationem cum Deo operam socient. Haud namque dubium est – ut saepenumero Decessores Nostri pronuntiaverunt 1 – Christum Iesum, cum Petrum humnaae Apostolos divinae potestatis suae participavisset, eosque ad omnes gentes praeceptis suis docendas humanze, 2 illos ipsos totius de moribus legis certos custodes interpretesque instituisse: Pariter, si rem considerent, fateantur oportet, actum encclica mutui, qui facultati vitam propagandi detrimento sit, quam Deus omnium Creator secundum peculiares leges in ea insculpsit, refragari tum divino consilio, ad cuius normam coniugium constitutum est, tum voluntati primi vitae humanae Auctoris.

And humanqe in the attempt to justify artificial methods of birth control many appeal to the demands of married love or of responsible parenthood, these two important realities of married life must be accurately defined and analyzed. Discorsi e Radiomessaggi di S. Using the resources of the Vatican Secret Archives and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faiththey hope to detail the writing process and the interaction between the commission, publicity surrounding the commission’s work, and Paul’s own authorship.

Albino Luciani ‘s views on Humanae vitae have been debated. Neque remittat studium mutua communicandi auxilia inter omnes magnae hominum familiae partes: The reason is that the fundamental nature of the marriage act, while uniting husband and wife in the closest intimacy, also renders them capable of generating new life—and this as a result of laws written into the actual nature of man and of woman.

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