Invalid dialing command Unknown problem Carrier established, . Unspecified Image format error Image conversion error DTE to . Protocol failure: %s waiting for go-ahead message Message block not. Document transfer failed: Unknown format PDF. [[email protected] My client is running hylafax and my server is running hylafax That may be the. sendfax submits one or more facsimile transmission requests to a HylaFAX Support for other file formats can be easily added through an extensible file typing.

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Cover-From-Fax The from-fax number string to pass to the cover sheet program when auto-generating cover pages.

HylaFAX Status Codes –

Page chopping is controlled by the ChopThreshold parameter. Ringback detected, no answer without CED Notify Control the email notification messages from the server. RetryTime The time to delay between job retries due to a communication failure. Busy signal detected The priority may also be specified as one of the following symbolic names: Equivalent to the -M option. Equivalent to the -h option. Failed to properly detect high-speed data carrier. By default Hyla FAX will use the fastest possible rate supported by the transmitting modem and receiving facsimile device unless restricted by other server configuration ; this option can be used to reduce the speed.


Documents received by polling are returned to the sender by electronic mail.

Equivalent to the -D-Rand -N options. DialRules The name of the file containing the dialstring processing rules to when preparing an externally visible representation of the dialstring e. Unable to transmit page NAK with operator intervention The exceptions are that Hyla FAX will terminate a job if 3 consecutive attempts to send a particular page fail, or if it appears the receiver is not a facsimile machine.

Modem does not support negotiated min scanline time Login failed multiple times Cover-Voice The to-voice number string to pass to the cover sheet program when auto-generating cover pages. Personal tools Log in Request account. Unable to set session parameters Equivalent to the -P option.

PassiveMode Whether or not to use passive mode in communication with the server.

Otherwise the sender is the user that invoked sendfax. Unable to send subaddress modem command failed Command or signal 10 sec.

Setting ECM to false will limit the maximum speed to bps. Alphabetic characters are automatically mapped to their numeric key equivalents: Facsimile are normally imaged with a system-default page size usually letter-size pages, 8.


Re: [hylafax-users] sendfax pdf problem

Invalid response to EOP Converted document hylarax not valid TIFF Unspecified Phase A error DateFormat The strftime 3 format string to pass to the cover page command when auto-generating cover pages. Normal and proper end of formaf Can not open document file DesiredSpeed The desired signalling rate to the use when transmitting facsimile.

Whether or not they are stripped from the string used to dial the destination fax machine is dependent on the dialstring rules configured for use on the server; c. No local dialtone The following options are currently supported: PPM received with no image data. No loop current Batching protocol error Unable to setup session parameters prior to call modem command failed Job contains no documents Without specifying a “tries” value to the server Hyla FAX will, with some exceptions, make an unlimited number of attempts to completely send the facsimile before the kill time expires.

Could not call server.