W zestawie znajdziesz idiomy zawierające nazwy kolorów oraz ich polskie Zestaw przeznaczony jest dla uczących się angielskiego na wszystkich poziomach. uczyş angielskich idiomów, zarazem bawiĈc Czytelnika. Kaİdy jčzyk ma stronie, na której zostaã podany idiom, znajduje sič jego polski odpowiednik, czčsto. Zbiór naturalnych zwrotów i idiomów angielskich, od średniozaawansowanych do zaawansowanych, przygotowany dla Ciebie przez studentów Instytutu.

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Colours – English idioms and sayings

It’s a white-tie party. To look ill as if about to throw up. I’m not a fan of idioky humour. To avoid thinking about or remembering something usually because it is stressful or unpleasant. Be careful or Susie will put you on her blacklist. Blue movies are not for children! My friend is so yellow. I can’t believe you fell for Steve. A mean, despicable person.


He won’t go with us.

He was found guilty of blackmail and sent to prison. You think I am mean? To not have debts. To say or do something that you know will harm someone’s reputation. His business is in the red. It’s our anniversary today! It’s not typical for men to be pink-collar workers but it happens more polsko-angileskie more often. To try too hard to please someone, especially people in authority, in a way that is not sincere iidiomy that other people find unpleasant; 2.

Colours – English Idioms And Sayings → Rozpocznij Naukę / Ściągnij Fiszki MP3

It didn’t hurt anybody and it sure made him feel better! A formal evening dresscode.

Humour that deals with sad, unpleasant idioomy of life in a bitter or ironic way. Absorbed in one’s thoughts usually unhappydaydreaming. Don’t say it was an accident! A film that shows people having sex. The thief was caught red-handed. I thought that the necklace I found was precious but apparently it’s not worth a red cent. You are green around the gills.


Wow, what did you do to deserve that black look? A state of great terror, confusion and deep thought.

Are you feeling well? Something that costs a lot of money and is useless or troublesome. To edit, correct or delete.

You don’t need to explain this to me. It’s all black and white.

I’m feeling a bit blue today. I hate purple prose. Have you heard that Margot is a blue blood? Polsko-angielksie costs me a lot to keep it in a good state and I can’t sell it because that would break their hearts! I think we can actually win this year.