EXPOSURE RATING. ILFORD ORTHO Plus black and white copy film is designed for many applications. It is particularly recommended for continuous tone copy. Camera used for this shot was the Pinhead 3D printed pinhole camera – focal length = 90mm with a mm pinhole, with Ilford Ortho Plus @64ASA, processed. ILFORD ORTHO PLUS Copy Film is a medium speed fine grain film suitable for studio photography, continuous tone copying, medical and forensic applications.

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Ilford Ortho

Lighting was very subdued, with complete overcast conditions. The price is also outrageous! Many thanks to all of you. Foolscape Imagery on Facebook: And you will eliminate all the conflicting advice. Guess I throw out thousands of enlarged negatives that I have done using these films, doing exactly what I have said above.

Ensuite je conserverai que ceux qui me plaisent. Jun 27, Then you notice that the camera back isn’t positioned correctly.

I see from the spec sheet that my usual DDX and Rodinal are not recommended for this, so does anyone have any recommendations on a developer for sheet film? Ilford has a nearly identical developer ilgord escapes me at the moment. Yes, my password is: International orders are processed the next shipping day.


Ilford Ortho Plus

Rated 5 out of 5 by JAY c. As Lachlan was asking about camera use, I answered his question. Scanner Epson Perfection24bits, dpi. Processed in D76 stock solution. Developed in LC29 for 7 mins. It was clearly a job for Ilford Ortho Plus. You must log in or sign up to ilcord here. While I like the effect, I realize that it’s not for everyone ottho it definitely threw the printer off.

Great still life film. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Where did I go wrong? Join my Flickr Group www.

This time we used more period correct Ilford Ortho Plus film. I can see why some people like the Ortho Plus for pinhole work!

Any experience with Ilford Ortho plus or with ADOX ortho 25? | Photography Forums

Write a review scqsrttwvevt. Brookfield Place by Alex Luyckx. This was a 1 second exposure. I would quite like to try these films for some LF portraiture in 4×5 and was wondering what sort of safelight to use and which developers to use.

It is no longer possible to mouse over the photo to see the notes. St Johns Bridge 4 by Gary L. The Iconic ’50s Chevy. Betty Ortho by Minimal Cinema. Another view of the Marys River here on our farm.


I believe the Ilford is like a normal non document film just minus the red sensitivity but I am less sure about the ADOX. On the other hand, I’d recommend red, and so would Ilford. I don’t like getting physical proofs when it comes to zines. Ilford Ortho Plus 80 specs.

If not take an old photo that has been fully wahsed, but that you don’t care about, and lay it with the back side up in the bottom of the developing tray to get the white background to watch it on.

The second monument to the Battle of Stoney Creek, ilfird massive tower was built in to celebrate the th Anniversary of the Battle.

Year Camera 10x15cm.