“Infidel” is the personal story of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali woman who, after a . I feel like my imagination isn’t big enough to even begin to comprehend what life. Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali – One of today’s most admired and controversial political figures, Ayaan Hirsi Ali burst into international headlines following the. Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s brave and inspiring memoir traces her journey from “Life on earth is a test, and I was failing it, even though I was trying as.

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Namely I realized that I belong to the huge majority of European Christians who are trying to avoid speaking with criticism about other religions because that might be connected very easily with racism nationalism, fascism, etc. Her decision to write the book, exposing so many private memories, was made to allow the world to know I feel like my imagination isn’t big enough to even begin to comprehend what life is like growing up in Somalia, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia – as a female Muslim with an absent father and an abusive mother.

Eventually she started to talk with criticism about her own religion, she was loud in her statement against position of women that especially refers in Muslim communities in European countries i. Fortunately the author learned to read and in that she found another world.

And as she said she couldn’t do anything that her husband didn’t want, that wouldn’t be Islamic. This is partly because she is not supposed to give away any information that may aid potential attackers. My take on this is the cultural and religious elements are far more important to look at.

It spreads a culture that is brutal, bigoted, fixated on controlling women, and harsh in war. The murderer was Muslim and says he killed Ayaa because he spoke out negatively about Islam. Her ideas about it play directly into the fea Ayaan writes beautifully and I admire her for her courage to leave a terrible situation and start fresh in a new country and culture, master yet another new language, and become a politician.

I don’t know that I agree with all of Hirsi Ali’s actions or arguments. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In she and Theo van Gogh made the hiesi film “Submission Part 1”, jy resulted in Theo’s getting killed and Holland’s being thrown into near chaos. Europe is also criticized with every right. This would have been a four star rating, but I’m upping it to five because this book has significantly altered my world view.


But surely none wears their endangered status with greater style. This is what the book doesn’t tire of pointing out. It is a historical mj, written by humans. When reading this book, however, you quickly realize that mt is somewhat o This masquerades as pure autobiography of the daughter of an iconic Somali revolutionary, who was absent for most of her life and left her, her brother, and her sister to pife cared for by a heavy handed grandmother and an abusive mother.

He laughed and he said yeah, but not to take it personally. I guess we [Serbia: View all 11 comments.

: Infidel eBook: Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Kindle Store

So again, let me say, read the book. Dina said that she had been taught that singing, like her body and infiddel hair, were part of her attributes that should be hidden from men and she was really surprised it was acceptable. Last year when Garton Ash chaired a discussion with Hirsi Ali at the ICA, he seemed both to lite the incisiveness of her quietly spoken logic and to wince at its unshakeable conclusions. It is one version of events, as perceived by the men who wrote it years after the Prophet died.

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She clearly states that female genital mutilation FGM is not an Islamic practice but a north African cultural one. Mar 16, Amari rated it it was amazing Shelves: She has endured ostracism from family, clan, countrymen emphasis on menand former coreligionists along with the crippling self-doubt that comes with such shunning.

Ali provides historical backgrounds that allow you to understand the mentality of whom she was frequently around in Africa.

See all 8 questions about Infidel…. The author has suffered a violation so atrocious, brutal, and painful, painful even to read, that it is almost beyond my imagination. You can laugh, cry, and get angry in the face of ongoing human atrocity, but you cannot ignore it. Ayaan made a short film with Dutch film-maker Theo van Gogh.

She ends up inffidel the Netherlands where she escapes an arranged marriage. So it’s way too early.


She is not blindly accepting of western culture, she calls it like she sees it, the good, the bad, and the ugly, but she draws a stark and real portrait of the contrast between two worlds. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not the only critic of Islam who lives with round-the-clock protection. View all 9 comments. In describing the members of her own family, she shows the indoctrination process.

This masquerades as pure autobiography of the daughter of an iconic Somali revolutionary, who was absent for most of her life and left her, her brother, and her sister to be cared for by a heavy handed grandmother and an abusive mother.

A woman who has the brass to title that same book Infidel has my rapt attention. Instead they are forced to memorize portions of scripture from the Quoran.

All schooling should be for boys and girls equally and should promote our values of freedom. That’s not hysterical ultra-conservatism or racist neo-colonialism, that’s a defense of fundamental human rights.

Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! I think most of the ones I count as friends would very much be in favour of an interpretation that allowed them to keep their faith in a way congruent with the 21st century’s idea of freedom. But the events of 11 September changed that.

On the one hand, I appreciate the strides that the author has made in life, considering the huge obstacles she has overcome. She cites the Koran verses used to justify child abuse. Return to Book Page. She knows what life is like without the benefit of the freedoms and rights that Europe has established and she, at least, is not afraid to emphasise how crucial it is not to lose them.

Death is certain, replacing both the siren-song of Paradise and the dread of Hell. It is the place where the Muslim religion is practiced in its purest form, and it is the origin of much of the fundamentalist ail that has, in my lifetime, spread far beyond its borders. I taught a young man from Egypt whose mother was a visiting ENT doctor.