Bound and Determined – Kindle edition by Alexa Snow, Jane Davitt. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Read Bound And Determined by Jane Davitt with Rakuten Kobo. When Sterling Baker discovers the wonderful world of BDSM, he’s ready to literally throw. REVIEW: Bound and Determined by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow happy to be intrigued enough by the excerpt to buy Bound and Determined.

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What I most especially like is the smaller touches that bring the story home. Tags about me activist: Rossy’s Reading Challenge List.

Because, heaven forbid, his skin would feel a little too raw afterwards. I really lik 4.


The graphic BDSM is mostly all spanking hand, brush, paddle, crop and control in non humiliating ways. Link Reply Parent Thread. Family, work and dabitt confrontations, dealing with the repercussions for a new relationship And prickly Owen is a fun Dom—I found myself as eager as Sterling for the moments of tenderness Owen sometimes allows himself.

Charles author of The Magpi When a scene between a Dom and a submissive starts playing out in the club, Sterling recognizes the need to be on his knees, the need to submit.


View all 22 comments. I am down to give it a try. It took me a while to finish this. I’m glad to meet you too.

What a jerk off! An chemistry, No spark not for me. Thank you for the thoughtful feedback, Elisa. Owen and Sterling are such a sweet couple. Comments 12 comments — Leave a comment. A friend of mine recced me this book, and it is on my to-read-list. Want to Read saving…. With that said, I became very disappointed with Sterling at the end of the book, and I felt he was forgiven far too easily for what he did.

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Bound and Determined

Another where he tells Sterling that he knows he is his fairy godmother. It was easy to read a Beautifully written, Bound and Determined is a book that does not disappoint. Sterling is a young guy at college, certain that he’s gay but unsure as to what else he may want.

Jane mastered it, brought it to light, gave it and pulled this story off magnificently. Jane made a comment on Truthful Change now available for free ” Annery wrote: I write reviews here too.

This book goes straight to the top of the keeper shelf.

Bound and Determined by Jane Davitt

Jane made a comment on Two more books up! With the stakes that much higher, Sterling’s more determined than ever to win Owen over. Hey, so good to finally meet you, especially as I’m a huge fan of your writing for quite some time now!


I’m a huge fan of these authors and this story does nothing to change that view. The interaction between them has such strong chemistry the book is like a meth lab in your hands. Designed by Tiffany Chow. When Sterling Baker discovers the wonderful world of BDSM, he’s ready to literally throw himself at the feet of the spectacular Owen Sawyer, but Owen is unwilling to take on someone so new to the scene–or so deetrmined says.

The BDSM scenes where also done detemined a credible way that didn’t feel done just for prurient reasons or to titillate but rather to illustrate anf feelings aroused in both MCs during the scenes and how bkund fulfilled needs and desires on both ends. They don’t have actual sex until past halfway through the book but that is I completely enjoyed this book.

This is a book that I will happily read again and again.