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Tracks 18 and 19 use yet different tunings, which illustrate the extremes of this confusing period in the lute’s history. William Byrd’s set of variations on “My lord willoughbies welcom home” is a rare exception, and the lute version is probably the work of Francis Cutting, who made expert transcriptions of other keyboard works by Byrd, as well as Morley.

Perfect quality WAV files. Tracks use two of the French “accords nouveaux”: Album art and artist and artist info is unfortunately not possible with this format. A Toye anon Philip Rosseter is best known today for his beautifully wrought lute songs, but a number of his lute solos survive.

We shall probably never know.

However, Jane’s manuscript still conveys a vivid impression of her musical taste, nane attainment, and even the type of instrument she owned. In two sources it is attributed to the Parisian Charles de Lespine, who was in England inand its form and texture are certainly typical of French taste.

This section is read-only. Where no divisions are included, Jacob Heringman has improvised his own, rather than import them from another source.


They’re an exact audio copy of the original CD, and include the CD artwork and artist info. He was held in high esteem by his contemporaries, with both his solos and his duets being widely copied.

Classical Guitar

The pieces performed here are as Jane Pickeringe or her successors copied them, with only obvious errors corrected. This marriage of a simple ballad tune and masterly handling of the lute’s sonority, encapsulates the very quintessence of piciering Jacobean lute repertory. A Toye up tails all anon 7.

No reading, no note names, no mental operation, no problems with positions. It appears that Jane worked on her collection fairly intensively, stopped for a period, then returned to a briefly some time latter, for her distinctive tablature hand is remarkably uniform until folio 35, whereupon pickeing changes abruptly. This is the standard format provided by the iTunes music store. These are characterized by narrow intervals between courses – mostly major and minor thirds instead of the fourths of the old Renaissance lute mane used by Janeand thus a narrower compass overall.

Jane Pickeringes Lute Book : Jacob Heringman

A Toye anon 3. Ennemond Vieux GaultierComposer: John Dowland needs no introduction. However such a situation could explain the conservative repertory, which would be largely of her teacher’s generation.

However, Jane’s manuscript still conveys a vivid impression of her musical taste, technical attainment, and even the boik of instrument she owned. The keyboard original survives in the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book: A Fantasia John Dowland High quality Apple Audio Codec files. This is a characteristic of many didactic anthologies compiled under the guidance of a teacher, but if Jane was learning to play the lute as she filled her book she was precocious indeed, for the very first pieces reveal the hand of a practised pickreing, and require some considerable technique in performance.


The answer gave itself with all the weight of tautology: Jane Pickeringes Lute Book.

Jane Pickering’s Lute Book (Pickering, Jane)

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If Jane and picmering like her had not seized the opportunity offered by a few inches of blank stave, many of these appealing little tunes, drawn bolk a largely oral tradition, would have been lost for ever.

We are also interested in anything else early Celtic, if anyone has any suggestions. Some scribes copied the divisions from their exemplar, some wrote their own into their manuscripts, others copied only the plain unadorned pieces jwne probably improvised embellishments afresh with pixkering performance.

Ugly, but it served me well for many years. That’s the second part of the story. Board index All times are UTC. Philip RosseterComposer: And she was acquainted with John Dowland, so we are near the source.

Then I had a photographer make negative paper copies.