Hey guys, here’s the tune Letter From Home by Pat Metheny, arranged for solo guitar by Jason Vieaux. Hope you like it. If you like my videos. The #58 issue of Fingerstyle Guitar has the arrangement of Metheny’s “Letter From Home” by Jason Vieaux. This issue features Pat Metheny. Jason Vieaux: Pat Metheny’s “Letters From Home” Guitars ยท Jason Vieaux: Pat Metheny’s “Letters From Home” Letters From Home, Pat Metheny. Visit.

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Forum guitare classique – Forum chitarra classica – Foro guitarra clasica – Free jasin music for classical guitar – Delcamp. At the risk of repeatng myself,I will happily vieauxx and reward anyone if they could send it to me.

Letter From Home is probably the most pleasing piece on the whole CD. Jerry, Thanks for the offer of comfy shelter with good company if I ever make it to England. I may take you up on that if the time comes: I think I saw a version for sale here http: Also Donny I thought your comments on the state of the world were great. Of couse not some of my best friends are Republicans. I vieux love to see the Jason Vieaux version.


Rocket Hero Member Posts: In Britain we call it taking the piss,it’s not meant to be offensive,sorry.

Classical Guitar

Originally posted by jerryaubrey Of couse not some of my best friends are Republicans. I asked if he would come here to the forum and look you up, or if he could at least send me a transcription of it via email in PDF if coming here was too much to jwson.

And it is a terrific song when played that way, I don’t think the tabs I have do it justice.

Pat Metheny is a genius. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m saving this one and hope I can learn it some day too. Donny I’m so glad you liked the Pat Metheny music.

It does actually make me cry[sorry what a wimp]and I’m not even gay! If so, I’ll assume it must be significantly different from Pat Metheny’s. August 24, I tried the phoneand got a recording, maybe because it is Sunday. Board index All times are UTC.

Letter From Home – Jason Vieaux | Shazam

It’s been four years since the last post on this topic yet I’ll bet I’m not the only one who would still gladly buy these transcriptions if and when they’re published.

Not finding anything, anywhere, I’m thinking more towards “not.


Thanks Rocket and Freebirdblues. Can you be more specific? Your old chum Jerry. Jeff Carter does a very good job of it. I am trying to get the Jason Vieaux arrangement in notational transcription.

I’ve worked most of it out but there are a couple of bits I can’t hear. Meanwhile I too have been looking forward to the release of the transcriptions but it’s hard to be impatient with him considering how busy he is and how much other music there is out there to learn!

From this video, and with a bit of practice and patience, I was able to learn his arrangement of the piece, which is really quite beautiful and not terribly difficult, though as with everything else it is hard to play it vieau expressively and with just the right legato style as Jason does on the CD.

Images of Metheny Songbook – Vieaux – Page 3 – Classical Guitar

What type of transcription are you looking for? A very rewarding piece to learn. I will try again tomorrow.