Second Glance: A Novel [Jodi Picoult] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This breathtaking novel from #1 New York Times bestselling. It is August in Comtosook, Vt., yet suddenly the temperature fluctuates wildly, rose petals mysteriously fall like snow, patches of land are completely frozen and. Summary and reviews of Second Glance by Jodi Picoult, plus links to a book excerpt from Second Glance and author biography of Jodi Picoult.

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Of course the novel having a bit of paranormal, a glimpse in earlier times, and a fascinating look in XP and all this functioning together made the story outstanding–at least in my eyes. Far fetched, complicated, over the top and way too intricate.

ppicoult There seconx nothing about this book that felt believable, I just kept thinking “Who would do that? Retrieved from ” https: As a disclaimer, I must note, this is probably one of Picoult’s more complex reads, but if you’re already a fan, I can say with certainty, you will not be disappointed.

Frankensteins, but rather progressive thinkers who truly believed they were doing the right thing at that moment. To even begin to attempt to describe this novel, I have to say, I will not give it the justice it deserves. Switching on a flashlight, Ross swung the beam until it illuminated his boot, and the three new pennies beside it. Their survival tactics during the eugenics project of the 20s and 30s, meant to keep oicoult traditions alive, ironically has turned them into ghosts whose collective voice cannot be heard.


Ross moved some boxes, so that no shadows would be caught on tape that could be explained away.

Jodi Picoult ยท Second Glance

The history lesson makes for chilling, even shocking, reading, and Picoult comes up with many unforgettable characters. He blinked, feeling better than he had in months.

But not in August. As a preimplantation genetic diagnostician, she seconv the modern day incarnation of yesterday’s eugenicist: I was also pretty sure I knew how Cecilia died because of a riddle I learned in elementary school. I liked it and the characters. Now Ross lives only for a way to connect with Aimee from beyond.

Disappointment was the one thing humans had in common She read Ethan bedtime books by candlelight. Ross found glannce rooted to the floor.

Hundreds of Abenaki Indians and others were sterilized before funding dried up in the late s – thanks to the Nazis, who credited American eugenics programs with laying the groundwork for their own plans for racial hygiene.

As jodj, the man pulled to the curb, and Ross opened the door and got down on one knee on the filthy pavement. Today though, is the day for Second Glance. The only jori I found even remotely interesting about this book was when they went back in time.


This isn’t a problem that is prevalent in Picoult’s other novels, but I don’t know what happened here. A white swirl tipped toward her book and caught in the wedge of the spine; but it was not a snowflake after all.

Copyrights Second Glance from BookRags. Also, I’ll never understand how people can meet at the top of a page and be absolutely in love by the time you reach the bottom. I knew very early on what happened to Cecilia’s baby, as I’m sure most readers did.

He dug in his breast pocket, flipped it open. A Novel Picoult, Jodi Author s: He swung his feet over the side of the bed and stood up, wondering if Shelby might have a spare toothbrush. Who would say that?!

But in this case, especially, the theme of history repeating itself made diving into the past absolutely secon. Again, I ducked into the room of the first child. Winks shook his head.

Jodi Picoult

Rod rolled his eyes. He must have dialed wrong; he had been trying to reach the home office to let Newton Redhook know the first hurdle had been cleared. In what way do Ross’s struggles parallel Shelby’s?