Some writers are prolific. A better adjective for John Scalzi might be “possessed.” You’d think he’d have his hands full churning out novels at a machine-gun. This essay, on The Last Colony, is the third installment in an on-going retrospective of John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series. Previous. The third book in John Scalzi’s exciting sci-fi series which started with Old Man’s War.

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I also found the political machinations of the Colonial Union entirely convincing, especially laet the way that the best laid plans never seem to go as expected in wartime.

The good ol’ Colonial Union isn’t the most forthcoming with information about just johhn anything and they find themselves in lots of trouble another ‘of course’ belongs here too. How important is this book to the overall story of this universe? The Last Colony is largely an exegesis on imperialism, and how expansionist politics ultimately serve to perpetuate the notion of imperialism for its own sake instead of looking out for the welfare of the actual people it presumes to serve.

Old Man’s War 3.

The Last Colony

This however will cause humanity’s eventual extinction due to raw attrition. Is it important to read “Ghost Brigades” before “Last Colony”? Scalzi’s tight plotting keep things moving nicely and the mysteries lawt the pages moving as well. Lsst did like how he left the ending open for future tales.

To ask other readers questions about The Last Colonyplease sign up. Fanboys and fangirls are the ones who love LBCSASFTS; the ones who collect every season on DVD, who attend midnight balls at fan conventions in full costume and makeup, who populate online bulletin boards devoted to the subject, who don’t mind that the scripts of most LBCSASFTS sscalzi are full of holes and kinda cheesy, with dialogue dumbed down to scxlzi level of the average year-old.

Characters are sketchy but vividly rendered with special quirks and a lot of ironic humor. Jun 10, mark monday rated it liked it Shelves: He is eventually released, and after speaking with the Special Forces again, returns to Roanoke. I think if everyone had really acted like I would assume leaders of large political groups would act, then the alst couldn’t have played Overall this was a fantastic read and a lot of fun.


The Last Colony [Aug ] 43 36 Sep 25, To name a colony you want to succeed “Roanoke” is like naming a new nuclear power plant “Chernobyl. The humor came back in force and played a huge factor in my overall enjoyment.

They have no obligations except for a perverted sense of moral duty. At least Last Colony saw the return of my fav, John Perry, and an interesting convergence of storylines from the first two books.

Goodluck with that, squid. Views Read Edit View history. Are you surprised too? And I did like the inner turmoil Jane Sagan continues to feel as the result of her indeterminate pseudo-humanity.

Then the CDF plays a switcheroo on the colonists, and they become pawns in a chess match between the CDF and the alien Conclave on a world called Roanoke. My biggest complaint is the lack of description. In tow are Zoe’s Obin protectors, named Hickory and Dickory, who view her with almost religious jon due to her father’s success in giving the Obin consciousness.

The Last Colony – Wikipedia

Jul 21, Tom Merritt rated it it was amazing. Who wouldn’t want to see his wife take out an entire platoon of hostile aliens armed only with a knife? The push direction is towards a full-blown utopia ignoring the simplest laws of alliance building and working in concert as a security community. Yeah — exciting milieu, interesting characters, lots of action, built around a universe and backstory that has already been detailed in two scalsi books.

The story jjohn a lot of moving parts and an air of mystery. I was really This is disappointing since I usually can count on Scalzi for keeping me glued to the screen of my Kindle. Which is why I won’t read more of this series, especially as I don’t care about this identical storyline from Zoe’s perspective. Scalzi crammed a lot of story into just over pages; tensions between the CDF and the Conclave, lsat mutual respect between Perry and General Gau, the Obin, and more that I can’t divulge without blowing zcalzi many bits of the lot.

And there he’s stayed since — he’s put out another four novels since, and has been both nominated for several other awards and sometimes won them. Cover of first edition hardcover.


The Roanoke colony’s purpose is to refuse all three of these choices and to make the Conclave look bad. John is no longer the wise old man, he’s a maverick Marine who wants to do good, regardless of what the Universe needs or thinks.

Assumptions can kill especially in system dynamics. Besides crashing into the bed and scallzi moving for a lasy days? So, as I believe I mentioned before, what I ended up doing is taking Sam for a walk to that old abandoned well I have on my property metaphorically if not literally and pushing him down into it.

Thoughts on The Last Colony

John has so much potential. The Conclave leader begs John to either give up the colony or secede from the Union and join the Conclave. Old Man’s War 6 books.

What I was writing was goodin my opinion; the problem was it was just too much. But I will tell you this about it: Out went the third-person chapters, and in came a new focus on John Perry and his point of view.

This is disappointing since I usually can count on Scalzi for keeping me glued to the screen of my Kindle. I’m looking forward to seeing this story’s events from Zoe Boutin’s perspective soon. This page was last edited on 28 Marchat Griffin; I like his stories, but is it sheer laziness that sca,zi him cut and paste entire passages from previous books?

Any technology that needs explanation is explained in a comprehensible manner, not with a lot of jargon. The ony complaint I have is that for the plot to really work at two points people who should have know better make actually some stupid decisions. The first was that I was contractually obliged to turn in a book about k long, and the second being that if I tried to write a book that was k long, I might have to murder myself to give you perspective, the book ended up being 91k long, and both OMW and TGB were in the 94kk range.