Interview with U.S. Army Remote Viewer Joe McMoneagle explains how his people, targeting our own people at the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, that sort of thing. Joseph McMoneagle learned remote viewing in the U.S. Army – he was Remote Viewer # in the Army’s STARGATE program – and was awarded the Legion. Buy a cheap copy of Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook by Joseph McMoneagle. Joseph McMoneagle was one of the original remote viewers recruited into.

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He was among the first personnel recruited for the classified program now known as the Stargate Project — No new information, but if remote viewing is new to you, then it’s a good book.

Transistence Sci Fi Web Series. Now to start working on it! According to McMoneagle, remote viewing is possible and accurate outside the boundaries of time. Justin Snodgrass rated it really liked it Aug 27, In the episode, remote viewing was used in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

Courtney Brown | Book Review of Remote Viewing Secrets by Joseph McMoneagle

Radmila Mijovic rated it really liked it Dec 07, Process discussions primarily address experiential issues, but they can also involve detailed examinations of both raw and statistical data. This book is a “must read” for anyone serious about learning how to remote view, and it is a highly recommended book for those with more modest aims who simply want to know more about the subject.


My general approach to the creative works that I review here is to look at each item in terms of what affect it is likely to have on the people who watch, read, or listen to it.

Views Read Edit View history. McMoneagle’s future predictions included the passing of a teenager’s “Right to Work” Bill, [18] a new religion without the emphasis of Christianity, a science of the soul, [19] a vaccine for AIDS, [20] a movement to eliminate television, [19] and a ‘temporary tattoo’ craze that would replace the wearing of clothing, [21] all of which were supposedly to take place between and He reports that he worked with Dean Radin at the Consciousness Research Laboratory, University of Nevada, Las Vegas to seek patentable ideas via remote viewing for a “future machine” Radin conceived.

Epsylonic rated it really liked it Dec 31, Linda Meyer rated it really liked it Sep 17, McMoneagle that he seeks to restrain others from having unrealistic expectations with regard to both their own capabilities as remote viewers as well as the potential of the phenomenon of remote viewkng itself.

Process discussions begin with the assumption that remote josrph is a real phenomenon, and then proceed to an examination of how the quality of the phenomenon varies under differing conditions while using specified methodologies. Marilynn Hughes rated it it was amazing Apr 14, McMoneagle’s overall perspective on the practice of remote viewing.

Infunding for Project Stargate was terminated and the unit was decommissioned after the official finding that “no discernible benefit had been established”. Liv rated it really liked it Jan 14, Well, this was interesting. Someone else might feel reassured by all the protocol but to me it feels unnecessary, giving this book the effect of a detailed viwwing manual about something emotionally-based and impervious to knowability in this sense.


McMoneagle is an expert decrets has had extensive training, and has practiced and researched RV very seriously for decades.

Remote Viewing Secrets: The Handbook for Developing and Extending Your Psychic Abilities

Quotes from Remote Viewing Se Retrieved from ” https: It amuses and intrigues me that the military spent decades and dollars working on honing the skill of remote viewing. McMoneagle’s appreciation for the science of remote viewing makes his perspective on the process of remote viewing all the more valuable.

This includes how to keep records, types of targets, conditions under which to remote view, times to remote view, discussions of various RV methodologies, meditation, dowsing, ethics, and more.

Return to Book Page. Want to Read saving…. Much of the remainder of the book deals with a myriad of detailed subjects relating to the process of remote viewing.

He may be the worlds foremost authority on RV, he’s certainly in the top Rena Huisman rated it it was amazing Sep 28,