Many books have been written about Joseph Smith. This one the result of Truman Madsen s deep love for the Prophet and years of research illuminates specific. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Truman G. Madsen received graduate degrees in philosophy and philosophy of religion from the University of Utah and . Joseph Smith the Prophet has ratings and reviews. Jake said: These lectures ought to be titled: Joseph Smith the Hero. By the time Madsen is do.

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Joseph Smith and Trials August 23, X. They are not compatible with Kindle or other e-reader devices. His legacy of trumn and scholarship lives on through his words, which continue to touch the lives of many. When I was a green LDS missionary in rural Maine, my trainer introduced me to this collection of lectures.

Truman Madsen’s book is not biography, though it touches upon aspects of Joseph Smith’s character and personality. This is not a catch-all biography of the man I consider to be a prophet of God, but it is an intelligent study, worthy of attention.

An informative look into Joseph Smith’s life. Both he and Joseph Smith are legends in church history. This was an essential element for the revelator of our dispensation p. These talks are great for getting a look at the early church and learning much about Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith, the Prophet | BYU Studies

His prayer was so long, Mary records, that several of the people rose and rested and then knelt back down to endure to the end.

Study reliable, documented sources on the life and teachings of the prophet Joseph Smith. This is the josseph book I’ve read all the way through on Joseph Smith. The Life and Teachings of t I know without reservation that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God.


I recently listened to audio version with Truman Madsen giving the book as a series of lectures. It included her leading the family in singing.

Truman G. Madsen – BYU Speeches

In the b This is a profound book about Joseph Smith. The ‘family’ was always larger than Joseph’s blood relatives–visitors from different places, immigrants needing temporary accommodation, and so on p. Definitely not a comprehensive history of JS. Add To Cart Cancel.

Joseph Smith, the Prophet

This book will keep you entertained, and wanting to come back for more. Truman Madsen’s delivery of these gems is well done. The Prophet Joseph had that kind of expansive soul.

In my considered judgment and I have read a little in hte philosophers of the world this section is superior in content to Plato’s Timaeus.

The Prophet jumped to his feet and said to Emma, ‘I knew the Lord would answer my prayer. Madsen finds the best faith promoting stories about Joseph Smith and somehow manages to spin trkman instances into some of Joseph’s finest hours. This was a very faith and testimony building wo This was a great follow up to reading Saints Vol.

smjth Madsen has a strong testimony of the Prophet. Madsen is cand These lectures ought to be titled: If you just can’t get enough of your “Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith” manual, this will keep your testimony in check. I just took it upon myself to deem DR. Those ties were further strengthened again in as he was called by President David O.


As a tireless supporter of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, his works have inspired readers and listeners for decades. Sep 20, Joe rated it really liked it. But clearly the prayer presupposes that something more is to come. But alongside that set of prophesies and all they entailed was another set about a son of Joseph who would be a restorer of all things.

He was only 35 years old. In fact one estimate concludes that one-fourth of the early Church members b America were descended from John Lathrop The topics discussed include Joseph Smith’s First Vision; his personality and character including perspectives on his family life ; his spiritual gifts and attributes; his varied t Many books have been written about Joseph Smith. Rather, we revere him as the first prophet of the latter days. Madsen even ends each lecture by testifying and closing with the Mormon liturgical coda: Propht listened to the audio book, and the talks are original.

Roberts and On Human Nature. Simply put, this latest look at Joseph Smith the Prophet is a compendium of faith-promoting reminiscences, combined with snippets of Joseph’s own words, all laced into an informed and informal commentary reflecting the insights of one who admires Joseph Smith’s humanity and affirms his prophetic calling.

tbe A few focus on his ancestry, his family, or reminiscences of his associates. The Presidents of the Church. This will be marked to be listened to again.