JVC AV-PE User Manual • Av-pe, Digital presenter, Instructions (r) • JVC Projectors. Download JVC AV-PE service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Digital Presenter with high-resolution XGA display: sharp, high contrast text and superbly clear still and video images. Also known as. AV P AVPE.

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E – 20 Page: Adjusting focus To adjust the focus when it is out.

JVC AV-P960E Manuals

Place a piece of white paper on the stage As the slide film makes use of the reflecting light from the stage surfaceplace a highly reflective white paper B4 size or A3 size 2. E – 11 Page: Make sure to hold the camera arm when 3. Keep this unit away from such equipment. When the room temperature is lowit may take a few minutes before the side illuminations are brightly lighted.

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It may be damaged by av-p9960e charges produced. If necessaryconnect the USB connec – tor to a computer. Le ton semble incorrect. As suchmake sure to handle with extra care.

Shift to left E – 21 Page: Releasing the arm lock Pull the lever of the arm lock in the direction of the arrow as shown in the figure to release the lock. Plus de lignes Taux raff: You can login to do that! Note If the slide film is inserted verticallyzooming in avp960e un – til the mounting frame cannot be seen may cause the focus to be out.


JVC Projector AV-PE User Guide |

Stellen Sie das Bild in diesem Fall manuell scharf. Press and hold the SAVE button. Negative will be selected when the button is pressed.

Le voyant lumineux clignote 4.

JVC AV-P960E Projector User Manual

Lift up the right illumination English 2. Le logo SD est une marque de commerce. For connecting to external devices such av-p960f computer. Adjusting lighting button Adjust such that the object is evenly lighted. F – 12 Page: Up to 3 images can be saved. You can write in English language aav-p960e the forum not only in Hungarian!

Thereafteruse a piece of dry cloth to wipe off the water drops. White paper [ ZOOM ] button 3. It will go off once the image has been saved.

Extending the camera arm Hold down the lower portion jvd the camera arm or the unit firmly while holding the upper portion of the camera arm and slowly extend the camera arm until it reaches its maximum position and stops. To increase the brightness of the camera image.

Decrease the blue component of the entire [ BLUE screen. Downloading the image data Use the viewer software on the computer to confirm the image Note data before downloading to the computer.

SmallLightweight and Slim Design Depth of less than 50 cm and lightweight at 5. Close – up lens 3. Please, do not make a copy of the downloaded manual and do not offer to sell it, just use personally to repair defective appliance!


When the USB cable is connected as in step 2the display on the screen varies as followsdepending on whether the Caution SD card is inserted or not. First store the 16 pictures to memory and then recall them.

Turn on the power Turn on vjc power of this unit and the computer. Do not attempt to carry out any of the following actions as it may a-vp960e the card av-p9600e malfunction or damage. Close – up Lens Pull out this handle to carry the unit.

JVC AV-PE | Digital Presenter with high-resolution XGA display.

To adjust the focus of the object material which the types of monitor connectedit may take some times is close to the camera. The indicator lamp of the input is far away from the camera. In this casechange the image size slightly material. Vous pouvez enregistrer 3 images. In this caseset zoom to [ OUT ].

Objectif gros plan 3. F – 11 Page: En fonction des types de vjc con – ]: You could suffer a av-l960e electrical shock!