The ShenHe Wang permanent magnet motor-generator The Motionless Generator of Theodore Annis A Practical Guide to ‘. The Karl Schappeller Device – Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices. free. Views. 6 years ago. Karl, · Schappeller, · Device, · Practical. Schappeller made no secret of his invention and actively sought private financing that Karl Schappeller actually met with SS Reichsfueher Heinrich Himmler in.

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The concentration of the ether or latent schappeller takes place over the entire surface of the Sphere, in the sxhappeller way as in the case of the Earth itself. The above calculations are thus only intended to show the function which this type of field has to perform. As regards the actual power transferred to the Rotor, we have three adjustments available:.

There is no doubt that if we could, for instance, place a thermometer in a glass of water in deep space, the temperature recorded would be at or very near absolute zero, 0 Kelvin or degrees Centigrade or degrees Fahrenheit. It will thus be perfectly clear that a field produced as at present through the medium of passing a current through a copper wire would schappller fulfill the purpose, and that we jarl some form of field which will spring out on to its geometrical center and thus draw with it the surrounding Ether, until finally the pressure on the point from the ether compression on the constantly inrushing ether brings it to the glowing state and a physical point of origin is formed on the geometrical center of the Sphere, or, as Schappeller terms this apparatus, the Stator.

This is how an automobile’s brakes work. In all other directions the aether radiation continues to exert its push on us. It is a three schappe,ler ca3tle AurolzmUnster with – ” 1 25 rooms and a ground of an exftent cfi Matter is a condensation out of bipolar aether.

The Karl Schappeller Device – Free-Energy Devices

All we have to do to make a UFO is to find this particular gravity frequency and find out how to generate it. Furthermore, the Stator, when suitably designed, can be used for the production of light and heat, of course without a Rotor which later would obviously only be required when the purpose was the production of powerand likewise for many other purposes including radiology in the treatment of diseases, etc.

The Rotor is fixed to the shaft to be driven and the Stator is fixed about a metre above the earth’s surface. We have seen that the numerous so-called “effects” in Physics owe their origin to the crossing of two stressfields, e. Indeed, the biggest problem facing the use of such an engine may be employing means to stop it. During a thunderstorm Tesla noted that the earth appeared to behave, despite its vast extent, like a conductor of limited dimensions. The adjustable hole admits atmospheric oxygen.

Suppose we could bring this magnetic field to the “glowing state”; we should then have mobility, breathing, transpiration, the Primary Force. You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. The reader may recall that something strange happens to electrical energy at absolute zero. We require a uniform, coherent and concentrated magnetism and we refer now to the magnetism itself and not to the field producing it.


Here, however, this does not mean merely the field produced by the sublimate as such, but rather the complementary other half of the glowing magnetic core or ether concentration as volts. The driver pushes in the break pedal when he wants to stop. In this device was planned as a source of broadcast energy, reminiscent of Tesla, for both German homes and industry.

We know heat expands. This absorption of heat is another way of saying that the machine is implosive in nature rather than expansive or explosive as was the heat producing machine. Schappellr car is purchased.

I sit possible that two complementary hot electromagnetic and cold electromagnetic machines could be set into cycle producing not a bi-polar but a quadropolar, degree radiation, such as the one described by Dr.

These wires complete the circuit through the Rotor, which is mechanically an entirely separate unit, standing on its own base and at a specific calculated distance from the Karo the Rotor is fixed to the shaft to be driven. But place a piece of steel in the field and the magnetism or static mobile interchange will cease and the N and S, or H and O energy, the two components of all magnetism, will once again be separated out as a polarization.

In the New Technique all this takes place in the free state, through compression on a center, till densification and ignition and we then really have amps as the glowing core surrounded by its complementary volt-stressfield which together, in this form, constitute the true atomic or Vacuum Force.

In the case of the electric current or a magnetic field derived fro it there is neither a change in quality nor of condition, only of form, e. Latent magnetism could be, then, excited into matter. Before describing the device itself it should be understood that Schappeller and all writing about his device do so believing that the energy-source being tapped is aether energy, sometimes called “Raumkraft” or “Raumenergie”, that is space energy 4 5 6.

The Stator in this position will be exerting its maximum force on the Rotor, because half the core is concentrated on the Rotor. No direct conversion of this energy to electricity is described, but the rotor could be attached to a generator To produce schappellef fields of different qualities we require a sublimate and the quality is, therefore, characterized by its specific composition; herein lies the immense importance of the sublimate, and that is why Sschappeller has reduced this portion of the work to a highly developed art.

There are always an odd number of magnets. Rudolf Steiner around The purpose for which a gun is designed, complex mechanism as it is, is nevertheless merely to fire a shell; and the purpose for which this new apparatus, the Stator, is designed is solely for the production and maintenance of a glowing magnetic core, which we now see is formed and maintained in this central hollow space. If we accept the idea that both the Schauberger and the Schappeller devices worked on the theory of implosion, then one explanation will serve to schxppeller them both.



We have thus constructed artificially an apparatus which will set up the conditions in which Primary vacuum will form and be maintained, or, speaking technically, an artificial sun and its surrounding stressfield. Heat, water, and carbon dioxide are imputed into this machine. The earth, a has been previously explained, is the storehouse of energy, which energy is available to replenish continuously the Stator Field as and when the Rotor draws energy from the Stator through the medium of the energy cycle.

The pressure increases until finally the whole ether mass reaches a density corresponding to a critical temperature above which this densified ether enters into the glowing state and a powerful heat-potential is established. A great deal of heat is produced once the wood begins to burn.

This means that the bulk of the magnet is inside the steel ball, one opposite the other. If we apply this to a system, then entropy tends to increase until the system breaks down in utter chaos. The Schappeller device had many planned uses. The common toilet is such a machine although the centrifugal side forms inside the drain pipe which is out of sight.

Starting from the top half of the Stator, the coil of tube containing the sublimate is fixed to the North Pole, finally emerging through the hollow axle on which scgappeller Sphere of the Stator is supported, the bottom half of the Sphere being similarly provided with a coil of tube attached to the South pole and emerging on schappellr other schappepler through the hollow axle.

It is the diagram of the Vril power plant. The charging plant required is merely that necessary to give the required number of amperes, the plant being composed of the requisite generators and units, according to whether the grid current is available or an entirely different supply is required, or both as a “standby”. Schappeller and Schauberger both say in their own ways that this is not so. The vast stretches of cold interstellar vacuum must be seen as a vast energy storage sea in a state of heightened negative entropy.

It was studied by schappelle qualified outsider, a British engineer, for a period of three years and was judged to be genuine. Energy is being conducted into the Schappeller device through the un-insulated poles and being conducted and spun on its way to the center of the unit. In a primary electric coil and secondary electric coil, for instance, induction in the secondary does not take place directly from the primary as is new held by physics, but scbappeller and between the two via the aether field.