peting theories of vagueness. Nonetheless, when Tek is borderline tall, it does seem that the unclarity about whether he is tall is not merely epistemic (i.e. such. Cambridge Studies in Philosophy: Theories of Vagueness by Rosanna Keefe, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. In this book Rosanna Keefe explores the questions of what we should want from theories of vagueness and how we should compare them. Her powerful and.

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This makes the notion of a borderline case crucial in accounts of vagueness. This conjecture is promising for the highly stipulative enterprise of promulgating and enforcing laws Endicott Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days Theries will my order arrive?

They develop an analogy between the sorites paradox and indexical sophistries such as: In the case of absolute borderline cases, there is incompleteness in the question itself. Truth is super-truth; References; Index. Oxford University Press, — Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Have curved lines and hence circles been proven to not exist? This scenario makes it plausible that purely instrumental music could have remnants of semantic meaning.


Cambridge Studies in Philosophy: Theories of Vagueness

However, epistemicists do not have a monopoly on this prediction. Often, lessons about a particular F can be projected to other F s in virtue of their common F -ness.

The pragmatic account of vagueness; 7. Any process requires a gradual manifestation of a contradiction inherit in the original state.

No amount of conceptual analysis or empirical inquiry can settle whether removing one head from a two headed man counts as decapitating him.

Vagueness by numbers; 6. The book concludes keefe Ch. The contextualist must find enough shiftiness to block every sorites argument. Her discussion ranges widely and comprehensively over the main theories of vagueness and their supporting arguments, and she offers a powerful and original defence of a form of supervaluationism, a theory that requires almost no deviation from standard logic yet can accommodate the lack of sharp boundaries to vague predicates and deal with the paradoxes of vagueness in a methodologically satisfying way.

An old epistemicist might reply: PeirceIn the case of relative borderline cases, the question is clear but our means for answering it are incomplete. The spiritual father of subvaluationism vxgueness Georg Hegel.

Likewise, we do not judge precisifications of borderline cases by their truth-values because they are obviously not ascertainable as true or false. Discretion through gap-filling pleases those who regard adjudication as a creative process. Academic Tools How to cite this entry. Evans also relies on inferences that deviant logicians challenge Parsons Ontic Vagueness and Metaphysical Indeterminacy.

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Theories of Vagueness – Rosanna Keefe – Google Books

Officially, the supervaluationist rejects the induction step of the sorites argument. The Russian Marxist Georgi Plekhanov [] proposed a logic of contradiction to succeed classical logic Hyde93—5. Therefore, some music is vague Sorensen If that 1 is a child then that 2 is too, and if that 2 is too, then that 3 is too, and if that 3 is too, then that 4 is too, … and then that i is too.

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Other Internet Resources Resources maintained by the Vagueness Circle Bibliography of literature on vaguenessmaintained at PhilPapers by Susanne Bobzien [Please contact the author with other suggestions. He would be understood as taking a special liberty with the term to suit a special purpose.