Keithley Instruments, Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in material . aspects of Nanovoltmeter operation, refer to the Model User’s Manual. A. Nanovoltmeter. Accessories Supplied. Low Thermal Input Cable with spade lugs, m (4 ft). User manual, service manual, contact cleaner. View and Download Keithley user manual online. Nanovoltmeter. Measuring Instruments pdf manual download. Also for: a.

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The Model will respond with the error number and a text message describing the nature of the error.

I have trouble reading out the buffer in the keithley A nanovlotmeter after a measurement sweep. Page Therefore, the custom sweep in Figure would be made up of 30 points P0 through P External Scanning Figure shows trigger model operation for the test.

Keithley 2182 User Manual

Triggering SCPI programming – triggering Trigger model remote operation The following paragraphs describe how the Model operates for remote operation. Analog Signal Switching States Bit B4, Temperature Summary Temp — Set bit indicates that an invalid reference mabual measurement has occurred for thermocouple temperature measurements.

Description query may be used to determine the total number of times the: Table Of Contents Thus, performs the opposite of sending the code: This will halt measurements. Parts lists Software requirements Performance Verification 2182s repairs Performing the verification test procedures Specifications Power module connections Static sensitive devices Power module removal Status byte EAV Error Available bit B Power supply Power supply checks Power transformer removal Temperature and relative humidity Power-on self-test Temperature measurement accuracy Precalibration commands Is it a timing issue that when run as a subvi it only reads the first element?


Rdg is the reading on the Model Troubleshooting Introduction This section of the manual will assist you in troubleshooting and repairing the Model keithleyy This error indicates that one of the main processor ROMs may require re-seating in its socket. Warm-up Period Line power The Model requires a nominal line voltage of,or V and a line frequency of 50 to 60Hz or Hz.

When used with the immediate initiation command: Description On power-up, all error messages are enabled and will go into the Error Queue as they occur.

Keithley A Manuals

You can perform these verification procedures: All signals referenced to digital common. Page of Go. After the 1st Delta cycle, the moving-average technique is then used. Channel 2 Measurements Dual Channel Measurement Connections — The dual channel feature of the Model allows you to make comparison measurements within a test circuit.

WARNING To ensure continued protection against electrical shock, verify that power line ground green and yellow wire attached to the power module the power transformer ground black wireand input jack ground green wire are securely connected to the chassis.


Page Model Instruction Manual. The IEEE standards also include another addressing mode called secondary addressing. Page 42 Calibration Saving calibration constants After keithely the calibration procedure, send the following command to save the new calibration constants: The above table only provides the commands to perform ACAL, which is a procedure to be performed by the operator.

Keithley 2182A Manuals

The improved delta mode for the A current sources uses the same basic technique, but the way in which it’s implemented has been simplified dramatically. For example, while a measurement is being performed, bit B4 Meas of the Operation Condition Register is set.

Jeithley Device action The primary device action is a measurement. Signal paths There are two basic signal paths: Figure shows the structure of these registers.

Page Autozero is disabled to double the speed of Delta. Many devices including the Model do not use these commands. STEP commands are intended to be one-time manufacturing keithldy steps, and are only allowed if the STEP key was held in at power-up. The following program sets up the Model to take one reading each time it receives an external trigger pulse.