Kiselev’s Geometry / Book I. Planimetry has 22 ratings and 3 reviews. Charles said: This work by Kiselev was first published in and it remained a st. Hi all. Does somebody know any source from where we can get the solutions to exercises of this book? Or at least, we could get proper hints or. Kiselev’s Geometry. Book I. Planimetry, by A. P. Kiselev Adapted from Russian by Alexander Givental ISBN viii+ pp., in x in, hardcover.

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Does it mean this: I want to start with a ‘clean slate’ in math, because I’ve hated it in school, and now koselev falling in love with it. Now I feel super alienated, but want to start from scratch all the way up. Fast forward to the time when my child started grade 8 in Canada, to my great disappointment, the geometry education in North America has deteriorated to merely some formulas for simple calculations and sporadic geometrical facts without justifications.

Jonathan rated it it was amazing Jan 16, Csehkristof rated it it was amazing Jan 06, For each worked theorem in the book, I explained the proof to my child planiemtry, and then asked her plannimetry read it and finally prove it in her language. I always tell my child that writing a proof is just like writing an interesting story – a story that can convince me what you say is true.


Post as a guest Name. Kiselev’s Geometry Book 1, Planimetry hi Bob.

Kiselev’s Geometry. Book I

Assuming only very basic knowledge of mathematics, Kiselev builds a geometry edifice from the bottom up supplying both bricks and mortar in the process. Thank you for the book. This is an English translation of a classical Russian grade school-level text in plane Euclidean geometry. When you read the work, there is no doubt in your mind why it held such a high status for so long. But, in your situation, you might be better kisellev starting not with a Math book but with a book about how to math.

Polygons, their types, properties, theorems regarding them etc. Givental mentioned that Kiselev had a great influence on geometry education in Eastern Bloc and China.

Currently we are working on solid geometry using the sequel Book II to this book. I like it this way.

I think it would be good I’m not familiar with the US gradings but this is what Amazon writes on their site: Unfortunatelywhile proving the absolute part of the theorem, he also repeats Euclid’s argument, the argument that by Kisilev’s time was found to be lacking in rigor imposed by the 19th century mathematics. Hi Bobbym, right now I don’t have any issue with some problem and I’m writing the solutions smoothly but it’s the way to match my answers with someone else.

There is no doubt that the wind of change in geometry education that began blowing in Europe at the end of the 19 th century, has reached and influenced the Russian policy makers.

It is a great book! If nothing else, this book’s staying power may serve as an enticement to anyone interested in, or involved with, high school geometry. Robert Terry added it Dec 03, Life is the process of narrowing down the probabilities.


He accordingly split the theorem into two parts, the first of which did not require parallel lines. Targeted for what would be equivalent to 7th through 9th graders in America, the explanations of planar geometry are excellent.

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Yeah Bobbym, sure, that’s why I joined this forum. Explore the Home Gift Guide. The biggest difference is that in Euclidean geometry a student is armed with established knowledge definitions, axioms and theorems and tools logic and mathematical notations in order to discover new knowledge, while the latest fads in math education have no real substance and thus bring a total failure to our next generation.

Gonnamakeit rated it really liked it May 23, Vincent added it Oct 13, This is either done tacitly or with a reference to the imposed limitations on the size or the scope of the book.

If someone is interested, I can also copy and paste all those answers here but obviously it’ll take a lot of time. Pedagogically, all of the material is developed in a sound fashion with only the essential topics needed to flesh out the topic presented.