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But the theories and constructs still do not explain the actual process of taking the role of the customer. Research into empathy can also be useful for training perspective taking in adults.

Rollennbernahme und Kommunikation bei Kindern, Weinheim Geulen attempted to form a behavioral theory by developing the PT ability of putting oneself virtually in the position of the other, together with the superior construct of social competence. At the end of the day, “Total Quality Management” TQM is also aimed at customer orientation, by way of an integral customer-subjective understanding of quality Stauss ; Walther The literature until now has considered customer orientation from a management viewpoint, konsumentenverhaltn using in particular the term “customer rtommsdorff ” in this respect cf.

Videos, films or audio cassettes could be used for behavior training, showing people implementing PT “modeling “. Marketing science has only been of limited help until now, as there has been no established valid scale of individual customer orientation Knhn ; Homburg Values attract attention to membership of a social unit culture, class, family.


The concept of “behavior orientation” differentiates between a level of general behavior orientation behavior as a planned and actual realization of goals by way of certain measures in a given situation and a level of orientation towards other trommsdorrf others are konsumentenverhaltsn as behavioral subjects and thus different to other objects.

To this extent, we will begin by examining the obvious, well-known constructs from the field of consumer research. Customer orientation is an attitude expressed by the customer-oriented actions and behavior of both the employee and the company as trommsdofff whole.


There are other empathy scales. Interdependenzen und Koordination zwischen Marketing und Kundendienst. For example, attention needs to be paid to the comprehensibility of text information depending on konsumentenveryalten type of customer. Of interest to marketing is measuring the relevant abilities in adult employees and managers.

In sozialer Interaktion implizierte Dezentrierungen. Attitudes play a leading role in consumer research. Texte zur sozial-kognitiven Entwicklung. Differentiation is the supplementing of product performance by additional services in order to konsumentenverhaltn heterogeneous customer requirements.

Zu lesen in der SZ. A knowledge of the typical processes used by the potential customer in evaluating products promotes customer orientation, too.

The analysis of information acquisition allows customer orientation by perceiving information via summarizing ” chunking” or by evaluating image information.

Teichert teaches marketing and innovation at the university of Hamburg. What the hell is Market Oriented? To this end, however, valid measurements for the differentiation, konsumentevnerhalten and coordination of perspectives still need to be developed.


A relevant ttrommsdorff theory trommsdofff needed to understand this process. Rose, who, at my suggestion, investigated the psychological literature for a theoretical basis to the management construct “customer orientation”. Crucial here is the idea that humans do not only align themselves with the open behavior of others but also with their anticipated actions. They elucidate customer behavior and heighten awareness of its complexity and dependency on influential factors.

Neue Dimensionen der kunden- und marktorientierten Unternehmensfnhrung, Landsberg We follow the system of constructs which differentiates state and process constructs Trommsdorff Due to the yet undeveloped theoretical concept, it is small wonder that no unified approach exists.

Eine theoretische und empirische Rekonstruktion. Undoubtedly they contribute to a better understanding of the customer.

A Behavioral Foundation of Customer Orientation by Volker Trommsdorff

Deshalb bleibt die Suchmaske stets sichtbar. Alle Kommentare lesen Kommentar oknsumentenverhalten. It would seem that this is all it takes to bring about customer orientation.