KORG AXG • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. [Read Online] Korg Toneworks Axg User Manual Free Ebooks. Book file. PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. KORG TONEWORKS AXG USER MANUAL — | PDF | KB | 20 Oct, TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction Brief Description Main.

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Korg AXG User Manual – Page 1 of 23 |

Introduction 3 Main features 3 Printing conventions in this manual 3 Important things to It is not possible to edit when other functions are assigned to the value knobs, when the AXG is bypassed, muted, or recording in Phrase Trainer mode. Checking the effect blocks used by a programNot every program uses all of the effect blocks.

EditingModifying a parameter valueSelecting a parameterIn Play mode and Individual mode, you can edit eacheffect, set noise reduction and program level, andmodify the program name.

Page manuaal PrecautionsLocationUsing the unit in the following locations can result in a malfunction. Playing The Axg Play your guitar to produce sound, and check tojeworks connections have been made correctly. Restoring the user programs to the.

Playing the AXG 8 Example connections 8 Play mode When making adjustments, use your hand to move thepedal. Fine adjustment for the amount of pitchKnob 5 MIXchange. Then you can practicea phrase on your guitar while listening to the repeatingphrase. Main specifications Example connections 8.

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Editing If you wish to change an effect that is in use, use the effect select knobs to select the desired effect. Selecting a program 8. Playing the Tobeworks Using the expression pedal as you play 1. LCD and control panel 1. Expression pedal 9.

KORG AX1000G User Manual – Download

Knob 1 ——— ———— Pitch bendSample and playThis is a Pitch shifter that uses the pedal to control the pitch. From the left, they correspond to value knobs 1—5. Writing a programs Auto tuner mankal. Preset Program Parameter List When an effect block that was off is turned on, the effect model printed in a slanted typeface will be selected. The CABINET effect block provides models that faithfullysimulate the cabinet and speaker characteristics of a variety ofguitar amps, from vintage to modern.

IntroductionLCD and control panel1Name displayThis shows the program name, effectname, or parameter name, as appropriate for each operation. Front and rear panel 4.

Page 23 Preset Program Parameter Manusl an effect block that was off is turned on, the effect model printed in a slanted typeface will be selected. It will blink if the program is currently being edited.

T roubleshooting Korg tone works bass modeling signal processor owner’s manual ax10b 40 pages. Make fine adjustments to the amount ofKnob 5 MIXpitch change. Bypass and mute 9.

Korg ToneWorks AX1000G Owner’s Manual

Edit icon This will light if the selected program has been edited. If this does not resolve theproblem, contact a nearby dealer. Pitch shifterThis effect modifies the pitch. In Play mode, select a program that Adjusting the master level 8. Korg bass personal multi effect processor owner’s manual pages.


Use the cursor switchestoselect the character that you wish to change thecharacter will blink. Since you can slow down the playback korgg withoutaffecting the pitch, this is a convenient way to learn orpractice phrases xa1000g recordings that are difficult to play. Preset Program Parameter List Preset Program Parameter List When an effect block that was off is turned on, the effect model printed in a slanted typeface will be selected.

Begin recording Start the audio device that is connected to the AXG, and press the bank switch REC at the point where you wish to begin recording.

Modifying the program names Tell us what’s missing. Make sure that toneworka pedal LED is lit. Although these models are especially effective when you areplugged in to a mixer etc. Bypass and mute 9. If you will be using a direct output connection to a mixer etc.

Play mode, Individual mode, and Phrase Tonewors mode. Adjust manula master level of the AXG and the gain or fader controls of your guitar amp or mixer to set an appropriate volume level. This simulates a vintage wah pedal. Preset Program Parameter List Don’t show me this message again. Setting the noise reduction and program levels 1.