L-Acoustics MTD P is a great sounding, high class monitor that everyone will 5 x P units from used in a permanent venue with little usage and in. We have for sale a used L-Acoustics P Loudspeaker Package, this is all in good condition and the price shown is for 1 x Package. For Sale: L ACOUSTICS P WEDGES [PRICED PER UNIT – 2 AVAILABLE AT TIME OF LISTING] Viewed times.

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L-Acoustics P Used, Second hand 17, A speaker designed to reproduce very low bass frequencies, usually those below about 80 Hz. Certification program for home theater equipment. An enhancement of the Dolby Surround decoding process.

L-Acoustics X12 Ex Demo 1, Often referred to as 6. Root Mean Square or the square root of the arithmetic mean average of the square’s set of values. In video, frequency is used to define the image resolution. This refers to amicrophone with a flexible neck that is most frequently attached to a podium or lectern. A measure, usually in watts, of how much energy is modulated by a component. When RF-modulated, it was included on some laser discs, which requires an RF-demodulator before the signal can be decoded.

Rental businesses appreciate the P Series for its low system set-up costs, as well as the simplified logistics, storage, handling, transportation and inventory management it offers. A noise-reduction system that increases the level of high frequencies during recording and decreases them during playback. An active crossover is electrically powered and divides the line-level signal prior to amplification.

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The middle of the bass part of the frequency range, from approximately 50 to Hz upper bass would be from to Hz. A measure of what frequencies can be reproduced and how accurately they are reproduced.

Perfect for live monitoring, the P boasts a sonic l–acoustics similar to a large format system and the P easily handles a variety of stage monitoring, compact FOH and fill applications.

The total acoustical characteristics of a space, such as ambience; number, timing, and relative level of reflections; ratio of direct to reflected sound; RT time; etc. A passive speaker is one without internal amplification. Like Dolby’s Surround EX, a sixth channel is added.

The frequency at which an audio signal is divided. Low frequencies; l-xcoustics below approximately Hz. The time difference between a sonic event and its perception at the listening position sound traveling through space is delayed according to the distance it travels.

Also used as a term for loudspeaker drivers designed to reproduce this range. A 1dB difference over a broad frequency range is noticeable to most people, while a 0.

Self-Powered Coaxial Ultimate sonic performance, clarity and precision Plug and play design for fast and easy set-up Compact and portable Sleek design, durable construction, extended longevity FOH, fill, monitor versatility for reduced inventory Coherent point source radiation with excellent performance off-axis Dark Grey Brown or Pure White color available Point Source.

In sound, decibels generally measure a scale from 0 the threshold of hearing to dB the threshold of pain. Headquartered in Marcoussis, just south of Paris, the company has satellite operations in the United States, United and Germany, as well as a global Rental Network of production companies deploying and cross-renting its products.


Same as low cut. L-Acoustics P Used, Second hand 1, The self-powered coaxial P Series fulfills the highest audio expectations for a broad range of professional sound reinforcement applications. The part of a dynamic loudspeaker attached to the voice coil that produces sound.


A type of equalizer with sliding controls that creates a pattern representing a graph of the frequency-response changes. Since then, coaxial technology has been implemented in all L-Acoustics point sources and constitutes the heart of the P Series and X Series.

It’s one of the only boxes you’ll find that actually goes ‘all the way’ rather than passing out when you turn the volume control to max. In audio, the scattering of sound waves, reducing the sense of localization.

Used, Second hand L-Acoustics MTD P Active Coaxial Loudspeaker

The P adds a greater level of creativity and versatility to our inventory. Let’s dig a little deeper though. Also, laser discs used an RF signal for modulating Dolby Digital 5. A Line Array is perfect for medium to large audiences.

Most films since ‘s Batman Returns have been recorded in a 5. A component that converts electrical energy into acoustical energy.