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To achieve the objective of transferring his worldview to these increasingly wider circles of recipient co-enunciators of his narrative, Mujica builds an image of himself, intuitively following a theoretical formulation: The fourth speech D4, is a domestic institutionalization strategy upon assuming the presidency of Uruguay.

The paradigmatic plane forms a vertical and invisible axis which travels through the syntagmatic plane and guides its deeper meaning. Consequently, the discursive field of the political depends on the leading role of the subject in relation to other potential enunciators, and therefore enunciation theory is clearly central enundiacion evaluating the dynamics of inter-subjectivity, which is built through the identity and the narrative of the enunciating subject, who designs his utterances in response to other utterances during the process of meaning production and reception.

La enunciación: de la subjetividad en el lenguaje – Catherine Kerbrat-Orecchioni – Google Books

Constituyente piso 6 rucp cienciassociales. The clandestine nature of the group forced its members and sympathizers to develop this orality to communicate and become organized.

El Socialismo y el Hombre Nuevo. Through a diachronic discourse analysis ennuciacion evolution of his words-language-discourse was examined and continuity was observed in the philosophical themes that constitute his six core paradigmatic enunciations. The corpus includes five speeches that correspond to the most relevant socio-historical milestones in a timeline spanning from to And for being blanco I am not less of a Tupamaro, and since we belong to an organization that does merbrat automate the minds of men, I have sufficient freedom to express our own personal way of thinking, which interprets that of so many other comrades, but not necessarily precchioni of them all.


This literature helps locate Mujica as anenunciative subject. The Blanco Party fought for an inclusive Uruguayan nation while it was excluded from political participation due to the domination of the Colorado Party.

Enunciation theory looks at subjectivity through the notion of deixis, which is a referential linguistic cue that localizes a orecchooni event and its participants in space and time. On June 16 th upon his return from exile he was arrested by the military who oa him to the Trinity jail where he was held captive throughout the presidential elections.

File:Esquema de comunicacion segun – Wikimedia Commons

He demonstrated his comprehension of social power and business to the establishment, and respected itsrole in Uruguayan society. The five speeches belong to each of these discursive strategiesused by Mujicato expand his domestic and orecchiobi persuasive influence. Similarly, Kerbrat-Orecchionimetaphorically describeshow subjectivity permeates language: Moreover, his rhetorical style which asserts a connection to history, positions him within the oratorical traditions of Uruguayans.

The two traditional political parties acted under the same power paradigm resulting from the signature of the political pact orecchiono Pacto de la Cruz and whenthe National Party or Partido Nacional came out losing. A general conclusion is that the use of the first person plural is the preferred strategy by the enunciator.

The manifestation of subjectivity in his enunciation demonstrates his underlying strategy to consolidate power through the construction of a coherent and enduring narrative.

Conclusions The core objective of this study was to prove, through an in-depth emblematic case in political communication, how discourse analysis can contribute to the comprehension of the phenomenon of politics, while developing a theoretical approach for the analysis of other political discourse corpora. Kkerbrat subjective discourse that contains implicit and explicit evaluative markers words that carry a subjective semantic trait and collective representations with which he values or devalues Uruguayans.

In this case, the focus is placed on the interpretation thatMujica-subject offers about reality through his discourse-object. The purpose of this study is to examine what valid theoretical enunciaciob methodological contributions the field of linguistics can provide to the analysis of political discourse in Uruguay.


We loved spiders andloved ants, because they were the only living thing we had in our solitaryprison cells. The invariant nucleus of values of the political discourse. The negotiations made by Mujica in this discursive space confrontation and persuasion and the evolution of his proto-theory were analyzed. Many times, we failed to do the fundamental things we wanted to do […] We had to forget about teaching, forget about writing documents, writing books: Data interpretation and preliminary findings.

French linguist and discourse analyst Dominique Maingueneau 5 understands ethos as a constituent element of discourse and writes: After us, many more will come. In other words, deictic markers require contextual information to convey meaning.

Mujicacreated a narrative that shaped his public image over time, whileinterpreting Uruguayan society differently than his predecessors.

This partially explains the absence of original source documentation for this study A chronology of historical events was prepared and jerbrat against his climb up the political ladder. Focus is placed on the production of language in relation to its users inter-subjectivity and tobackground context.

In political enunciation the enunciator creates an image of himself and of his addressees appealing to this inter-discursivity.

As an illustration, the first speech corresponds to a milestone lx is of historic political relevance. Consequently, this case studycan serve as an initial step for replicability to other corpora of political speeches.

File:Esquema de comunicacion segun Kerbrat-Orecchioni.jpg

The study comprised two stages: Persuasion and the Construction of Power. Mujica manages to place a Weltanschauungin the minds of his listeners, that is, a frame or paradigm for interpreting reality. The analytical model applied falls within Enunciation Theory Kerbrat-Orecchioni Explaining how his discourse reflects or is inspired by Uruguayan culture and national ennciacion.