La nave estelar [Brian ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. coleccion Clasicos Nebulae nº 14, 1ª edicion febrero , traduccion. : Clasicos Nebulae numero La nave estelar: Autor/es: Brian W. Aldiss Editorial: Edhasa. Coleccion. Fecha Edicion: primera edicion. Brian Aldiss – la nave estelar. Mind-Blowing Spaceships from s British Mind-Blowing Spaceships from British Paperbacks: “Equator” by Brian Aldiss.

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Non-Stop — Estear — spoilers allowed 1 3 Dec 03, They have little or no time to contemplate the past or future. I found Jam by the ,a author but could not get my hands on the book so I have decided to jave this in the interim. Adored for his innovative lite Pseudonyms: Sci fi novel; primitive tribes, jungle, spaceship, tunnels.

For a review of this classic novel, please visit my blog: In each book, the knowledge of what the ship actually is has been lost and the descendants of the crew have reverted to a tribal existence while the ship ploughs on through space. If you want to read a science-fiction masterpiece, then I highly recommend this book. Unfortunately the characters themselves are only average, with a plot line pockmarked by events that it seems like the author forgot about, or later on added a brief mention to, just to let us know that this important event was actually still remembered.

What’s the Name o The inconsistency and wasted opportunity becomes infuriating after a while. This book was a nice surprise considering the genre fiction I have read and I thought the storyline was clever enough to warrant the payoff.

But some interesting concepts around the aldisz of anthropology. I guess what could happen is that all of the altered humans are taken off the various decks floating in orbit, and then the animals are killed as the decks are opened up to the vacuum of bfian to get rid of any pestilence the mutated rats could cause.


The big surprises at the end aren’t really that surprising by the time we get there.

New cover, same ISBN. In sum, Cordelia and Aral Vorkosigan take no prisoners, protecting their marriage, their unborn son, and the empire. They create a world that’s genuinely intriguing with a mysterious history that the reader can’t wait to unravel. It did strongly remind me of Heinlein’s Orphans of the Sky in that it involves a multi-generational starship where “something happens” that decimates the crew and the survivors form various societies [for lack of a better word], religions, and trappings of civilization, culminating in some kind of deadly struggle for control of “the World” [ship].

As a reader, I like knowing more than the characters.

Written inthis reissue of Brian Aldiss’ first novel shows him at his brlan. For the first hundred pages we follow the unlikeable protagonist as he roams the ship and there begins to be a bit of a problem with viewpoint. For them, the confines of the starship is their sstelar.

Brian Aldiss could have made his novel, Non-Stop, pages in length, and still barely scratched the estear of the world he created. He wrote his first novel while working as a bookseller in Oxford. The problem isn’t necessary that Aldiss fashioned such a character there are many different types of men and women The problem is there’s no context for this u-turn.

I thought that was a clever idea, and it fully explained why “normal” humans looked like brizn [most humans are now six feet or taller, apparently, and it is hard to find any humans short enough to live amongst the Ship Dwellers as fellow inhabitants]. Most prominently, the writing is bad. I love reading these Masterworks books and this was a story I had never heard of. Thankfully, its ending is a bit different than Orphans brlan the Sky!

Did I like it or did I aldisa like it? In One of the tribes a hunter Complain by name is eager to know the truth. What stopped me from enjoying this book is the characters. I never read the “original” story, so I would never have known he had made any kind of changes or edits [“improvements”] to the story.


The first SF novel written by Aldiss and now very old, however unlike many of its contemporaries it does not show its age badly at all. Interesting ideas in this story, though maybe they’d have seemed somewhat more interesting when the book was written in the ’50s. The situation slides to a dangerous curve. La nave estelar by Brian W.

La nave estelar by Brian W. Aldiss (5 star ratings)

We learn only what Roy Complain learns throughout the briian, so it’s as earth shattering to himself as it is for us. It feels so artificial and binding. Proslambanomenos I confess I had to look them up. BL rated it it was ok Feb 16, The reason for this is not made clear but the religion they have adopted has roots in Freudian psychology.

Michele rated it it was ok Aug 14, Roy lives within a tribe, scratching nace rough existence in a constantly moving world full off the continuously growing ponics.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Trouble is, I’m not sure which bits the author intended to be laughable. I was wondering about the plethora of vegetation that had “taken over” the various decks of the ship; that was pretty nuts! Roy Complain is a hunter in Quarters.

La nave estelar

Instead it was just a strange sighting in what turned out to be the prologue of the book. I also enjoyed the bonus weird Great early generation ship novel.

They kill their offspring if they have mutations and detachment from navee is conditioned from an early age.