Wild lettuce (Launaea taraxacifolia) is grown mostly in West Africa, it is call “Efo Yarin” in Yoruba Language of Nigeria. This plant is commonly used as leafy. Abstract Some baseline information on the growth of Launaea taraxacifolia (Willd ) Amin Ex. C Jeffrey was gathered. Rhizomes sprouted within 10 days. African Lettuce (Launaea taraxacifolia) Displays Possible Anticancer Effects and Herb-Drug Interaction Potential by CYP1A2, CYP2C9, and CYP2C19 Inhibition.

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Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Both common and scientific names of the plant were used as lauhaea for the search process. This report suggests that extract of L. This principle has been used in studies conducted by Adinortey et al.

The Useful Plants of West Africa. However, Koukoui et al. View at Google Scholar J. Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded. Wild yanrin has hard leaves taraxacifoliz are very bitter, whereas leaves of cultivated types are more tender and less bitter. Research Journal of Botany Volume 3 2: Pretreatment of rats with L. Therefore, in vitro propagation protocol for this crop is being investigated.

Launaea taraxacifolia (Willd.) Amin ex y

Perennial herb up to cm tall, with creeping root system; stem erect, often woody at base. Once the plant has developed and starts producing leaves, regular harvesting is recommended. Days after Planting to the 6th week 42 DAP of the experiment, the shaded plants were significantly taller than those not shaded. These conditions were significantly corrected in rats that were treated with L. There are 1 study abstracts related to Launaea taraxacifolia Willd. The investigators showed that lipid accumulation induced with 0.


According to the World Heart Federation [ 52 ], more than There are 18 citations in Afrirefs related to Launaea taraxacifolia Willd. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. Not much is documented about the growth of L. Medicinally, the traaxacifolia are rubbed on limbs to make children in Nigeria and Ghana walk, their leaves are also mixed with ashes to cure yaws Ayensu, A limitation to cultivation and domestication of this plant that has such potentials is a lack of variability imposed by vegetative mode of propagation.

As soon as laknaea develop, production drops and the leaf size and quality deteriorate. Laknaea plant has several medicinal uses Table 2. Removing the pappus from the fruits is a cumbersome process and lzunaea the seed taraxaciflia percentage is rather low, vegetative propagation using the roots is common.

Inflorescence a 12—flowered head arranged in a branched synflorescence; peduncle up to 1 cm long; launsea with imbricate outer bracts and a single row of 5 longer, linear-lanceolate inner bracts taraxacifoliz mm long. At 14 days after planting, there was no significant difference in the number of leaves between the direct sunlight and shaded plants.

Despite the increase in patronage of traditional medicines, evidence-based scientific data on plants used as medicines are rather scattered. The plants were then continuously watered until well established before transferring to individual pots. There are no records of production Adebisi, The cultivation is hampered by low seed viability, seed dormancy and poor vegetative propagation.


An overview of the cultivated species.

The plant is predominant in tropical African countries of Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Benin, and Tanzania with the Ethiopian highlands being known as its place of origin. Phospholipids, lipoproteins, and other lipid-containing molecules are normally prone to peroxidation. Biosystematics studies of some species of the Tribe Cichorieae Asteraceae in Nigeria. Reductions in light availability and in the ratio of red-to-far red light have been reported to be associated with increases in stem elongation Brainard et al.

Antiarthritic and Anti-Inflammatory Activities. The germination percentage is low, which is compensated for by the production of thousands of seeds per plant.

At the onset of flowering, 56 DAP, the number of leaves produced by the plants was reduced and there was sudden increase in the height of the plants. The best time for harvest appears to be between the 42nd and 56th days after planting i. Mineral analysis of Launaea taraxacifolia leaf fresh RESULTS The 24 rhizomes planted on the nursery bed produced 40 new shoots on sprouting after 10 days of cultivation in the screen house Fig.

Launaea taraxacifolia ; wild lettuce; Yanrin; plant growth regulators; treatments. It prefers altitudes of — m rather than the lowland regions. Studies have demonstrated that Launaea taraxacifolia leaf extract has antioxidant power to protect against oxidative stress. View at Google Scholar B.