By Laura London, aka Sharon and Tom Curtis, , Historical When it was first released in , The Windflower was a revelation to me – a. For years, scarce copies of Laura London’s romance The Windflower were treasured by readers. Reviewer Sarah Wendell hails its. The Windflower By Laura London – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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The Windflower

An old favorite of many. I felt no desire to race through the description; instead, I wanted to sink into aindflower worlds that the authors created. This book should have hit every “NO! I’ve never wished harder for a character to get ,ondon happily ever after.

I wincflower tell you this: It doesn’t seem to me that a woman in her position would so readily bond with such men, even in People in love don’t mistreat each other. He isn’t mentioned in any of their other novels. And when I say lumpiness I mean that, like a marshmallow, action was done to Merry, but nothing of real, harrowing consequence was done by ,aura.

I call this Good Book Noise, and I think we’ve all made it while discussing a book we love. Windfloewr story kept turning in directions that I didn’t expect, and the secondary characters were all so interesting that I wanted all of them to have their own stories so I could read them immediately.

Other times though, the scenes between h and H were hot. There is also a shipload of misfit pirates for some adventures on the high seas, complete with a “Murtagh”-like shipper captaining the ship the entire way. There she was, trembling with pleasure in the arms of her achingly handsome, sensationally sensual, golden-haired captor – Devon. Ugh, the last quarter of the book sucked. In the guise of a benevolent dictator, Captain Rand Morgan maneuvers those around him like chess pieces.

Cat in particular is a rich, compelling character. Indeed, after thirteen years and numerous readings, The Windflower still has the power to dazzle and delight me as no other.


In a bitter epiphany she saw herself as she was, an inexperienced, windflowwer teenager, endowed with more imagination than poise. The summary itself is a little ridiculous: Now he is my favorite.

Return Of A Classic Romance: ‘The Windflower’ Sails Again : NPR

Their initial meeting outside the tavern was sweet and you get a glimpse of the hero’s carefully hidden tenderness, but their next meeting in the ship cabin was uncomfortable with the almost rape while she was drugged not by him. Compared to current historical romances, The Windflower may seem old-fashioned, overly florid, or too dramatic.

She does dumb things at times, but I never felt that she was “too stupid to live. Heroine Merry Wilding lives a quiet life in her small Virginia community with a maiden aunt whose devotion to all things British has left them nearly ostracized. See 1 question about The Windflower…. It’s worth reading again and again.

Then we have the Evil, Loathsome, Villain who makes lengthy, self-incriminating, speeches at gunpoint in order to provide the necessary time for the protagonists to extricate themselves from his clutches. As an adult, she worked in bookstore management. I would love to read ,aura these characters again – especially Cat’s story. Winsflower I understand that this is normal of the genre, it gives Merry most of the work to do in the novel, which is unfortunate because she’s a bit boring.

Trivia About The Windflower. I love it, I love it. It’s a pirate story, it’s a loss of innocence story, it’s a hero is a spy for the British story, it’s a war story. This book has it, oaura sure. I read it just a couple of years ago, and although it does have very well-imagined prose at times a bit too flowery for me.


I’m not saying that because Devon was too preoccupied with stifling his raging lust for Merry to spend time with her and therefore is rendered a poor choice for her- I am suggesting that more, truly heartfelt emotional moments are between Cat and Merry, and to see them together would be, by far, more satisfying. Each time a plot cliche seems imminent, something unexpected happens instead. His enigmatic indifference is one of the powerful aspects of his character, as are the moments when he reveals that he does care about some things.


From the storm-tossed Atlantic to the languid waters of the Gulf Stream, from a smuggler’s den windflowdr a gilded mansion, Merry struggled to escape I know that nostalgia may influence some affection for this book, but it’s still a unique and wonderful story worth discovering.

I can’t rank these in any sequential order, though.

But now they work together and fight together. She meets the handsome pirate, Devon Cra The Windflower is one of the best romance novels I have read. He’s not a hero, but he’s not entirely a villain, either.

One lnodon review described Merry as a “marshmallow,” which is incredibly apt. What a Wicked Earl Wants. It was written in the early s.

He had seen the look before on women about to be raped, and he found no charm in having it turned on him. How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days.

Lauea fellow pirates become close friends, but right when everything seems to be going smoothly for Merry and Devon, a mix of truths and lies come about pertaining to Merry, and Devon will have to decide if his love for her is enough But there were times when I really just wanted to see the story move along, and I was impatient with the rambling, if nicely worded, storytelling.

You will be swept away on a pirate ship to experience many adventures, battles at sea, storms, death, outrageous humor and love. Sometimes overwrought, but often crisp and perfect: