Learn Carnatic Music Online – 1 on 1 Online Carnatic Music Class With Live of in sangathis(modifications) in krithis and in manodharma sangeetham (creative. I’m assuming you mean an app to learn Indian Classical Music ‘Vocals’. I’m currently working on an app for My dad’s platform-RaoVocals, so have been digging. There have been some discussions in other threads about what age one should start learning carnatic music, like this one.

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Such a person may just shine even at an old age.

So why discourage people who come forward with a true interest to learn music or an instrument? Having listened to one of my Lec-dems, recently, another gent, who appeared and passed the entrance test for B. Some people seem to entertain the idea and subscribe to it very strongly that once you get old, you can not learn CM.

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In the same manner, while the pure note has sangeetjam true musical effect on the human mind and great value in any music, in our music, the pure note has the least value and, mostly, all our musicians prefer to shake all the notes including even the natural notes, Shadja and Panchama. Are you imagining this, due to some possible insecurities you might be feeling? As kids are used to simply follow the instructions of the elders in doing things and do the needful but cannot have the understanding capacity, they should only be entrusted things to practice heavily and regularly but without defining the things.

Music is an ocean and laern one pearn be expected to know everything. In which way we feed our kids with hygienic and energetic food to keep them always healthy, in the same manner, even in respect of our music, we must strive hard to give unambiguous knowledge having relevancy with the practical music to our kids.


I would like to also add that as we become older, we get a better grip of our own taste in music, and will gravitate towards music and musicians whom we truly like. Many a time I have also requested the entire teaching community through many of my posts in this forum to sincerely follow this system for the benefit of the aspirants and the music field and also to upload their relevant videos to inspire others. I agree that there is no age limit for learning music.

There were very few teachers who were willing to teach an old man their words. More over, nowadays, nobody tries to criticize the elders openly of their inefficiencies and become controversial like me. But, most unfortunately, since many centuries, our stalwarts have very conveniently ignored to standardise some very important aspects like Shrutis, Gamakas, Talas, Pedagogy etc.

Try telling them lots of things you LOVE about their teaching style first…. I started learning music only when I was in my late teens, so can’t claim to have learnt music from ‘a tender age! This can get controversial.


I had to discontinue my learning due to other reasons, not because I was old, after a few years. But, it is entirely different with music and it is very difficult to find even a single person on the globe who is not interested in learning music.

Pearn may not be up for formal lessons at that age but interest and knowledge in music can be cultivated from a very early stage. The corollary of this is ‘how late is too late’.

I could not understand how he passed even the preliminary qualifying test. Doing this will either make or break your relationship.


Giving some time and effort to the relationship is a great way to do that. Of course the assumption is that I am categorizing you as an average student which is most probably true given the bell curve distribution.

On the other end of the spectrum, kids can start learning music as soon as they can talk. They are ready to learn or study or practice efficiently what is taught.

But, some of our members of this forum had even gone to the extent of writing all kinds of rubbish in their posts taking advantage of their anonymity.

Age to start learning carnatic music –

But, no heavy rhythmical intricacies are taught or learnt. If the training of kids in sangeeetham novel qualitative method in teaching music is taken on campaign by all the Sabhas of Chennai it produces an entirely different set of kids swngeetham will become the torch bearers of our society.

Music teachers should encourage learning rather than discourage people. You are paying them for their time, the same as anyone else, and you deserve to be given their full effort lesrn your lessons. Yes in some instances you may have to put in 10 times the effort that a child of six or seven puts in, but age is definitely not a barrier to learning. As you wrote, as a critical-violin-teacher with umpteen failures at the first instance and later with many amazing results I have my overviews and experiences in this respect unlike many other Violin-teachers.

Last edited by mohan on Sun Jul 10, I found one, who was 15 years younger than me but was willing to teach.