Attrib: bit internal processing bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion presets 16 User Programs kHz S / PDIF output (May Be Set to. Find great deals on eBay for Lexicon MPX in Signal Processors and Rack Effects. Lexicon MPX Dual Channel Effects FX Processor, Reverb Delay with. Find great deals for Lexicon MPX Dual Channel Multi Effects Processor 24 New. Used. Brand. Lexicon. Effect/Enhancement. Delay. Model. MPX

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It has been tested and works great. Not to mention, the chorus and delay sounds ain’t half bad.

But you really have to work on the first day, otherwise it was a really big crap! Like the physical model, the high horn and low drum frequencies are separated and “spun” in opposite directions. It’s crazy to have a small switch on scratch!

The Adjust knob exchange the synchronization of the left and right sweeps to mono or stereo effects Produce, and the Tap button matches the tremolo rate of the program with the tempo of the music.

Legendary Lexicon Programs That recreate the acoustics of reverberant spaces.

View the Media Kit. However, I never use the Russi mmorisation user! Functional condition is described above. Does what its suppoes to do. Plate, Gate, Hall, Lexlcon, and Room. This Lexicon has an impressive repertoire of sounds, many nice delay, chorus, gain, and reverb modules! They are able to use FX both live and in the studio to create a completely different colour for the atmosphere the guitar is conveying.


Two Programs That feature 2-tap delays, one per channel. When last used a few years back ,was working fine. 1110 shop in Also shop in. The processor is in fantastic condition, it does not look like it has ever been mounted, the body has a few very minor scuffs that can’t be seen in the pictures.

On bypass, my signal is clean and clear and “breathes”; when running the MPX, the signal seems elxicon bit squashed. Login or Sign Up.

The manual is not used much because everything is rather intuitive. Not satisfied with those reviews? A Very Clean 24bit effects processor, presets. If you are trying to get this unit to pull “double duty” as a reverb on one channel and a chorus on another, 11 simple program change can make you go from sounding like Andy Summers to one of Sting’s nasty farts. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. ,px apologize for any inconvenience.

Lexicon MPX: Signal Processors/Rack Effects | eBay

Although the delay lacks a bit of ambient decay, I must admit that regardless of clean or dirty, it IS consistent and sounds just fine at all volume levels. The delays are doggone fun to play with and the front control panel along with Tap makes doing some of the screwy math stuff trying to figure out delay times pretty easy.


Mpc can’t say anything about the pitch yet. There are a lot of heat and treble and power are well covered. Programs with one pair of voices per channel, one sharp and one flat.

So, it is always on, even when you do not want to use. Know what your buying and why your buying it. Responsibility for the proper or improper use of the product. I haven’t tooled around with the pitch stuff yet.

All user reviews for the Lexicon MPX-110

While I have not sufferred the other problems of the MPX in terms of having to max the input to get parity output per bypass, I can say that the sound gets a bit squashed when running through the unit.

First 10 days impression on sound is “the jury is still out. If c’tait again, I plunged back without hsitation!

Pictures are of actual item.