Fill Lonmark Application Layer Interoperability Guidelines Pdf, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with. No, the Node Object is not always required to meet the LonMark interoperability Guidelines. The LonMark Application-Layer Interoperability Guidelines lists the. 4 September LONMARK Application-Layer Interoperability Guidelines LONMARK International G. 2 Echelon, LON, , , LonBuilder, .

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A certified device s application program that wishes to communicate its physical location or ID assignment to a network tool can write this information into the location ID field of its configuration structure when the device is reset. The LitePoint zseries slot chassis is an.

LONMARK Application-Layer Interoperability Guidelines – PDF

Network devices are sometimes also called nodes. Different self documentation string formats are used for regular network variables, configuration network appplication, and manufacturer defined network variables as described below. Fisher Device Type hex Remove an existing dynamic network variable declaration.

A network tool may upload the device interface definition from the device, or it may read the device interface definition from a standalone file called the device interface XIF file. If a device has multiple locations, such as a device with multiple remote sensors, each of the functional blocks on the device may also implement an SCPTlocation configuration property to identify the location of each of the remote components.

In open multi vendor networks, the design of the device interface is vital to providing interoperability and easy integration.

To be certified, a device must include at least one node that is compatible with a channel type that has been approved for use in LONMARK devices. The only static declaration required for a device that implements dynamic network variables in addition interkperability any other network variable declaration requirements defined in these 30 LONMARK Interoperability Guidelines. It is also called the unique node ID. The software described in this document is furnished under More information.


The standard channel type values are drawn from a registry of pre defined channel type definitions. The ability to choose among suppliers for system maintenance is realized by ensuring that interoperable devices do not require any private information to be successfully commissioned.

LONMARK Application-Layer Interoperability Guidelines

No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system. SCPTs provide standard type definitions for commonly used configuration properties such as dead bands, hysteresis thresholds, and message heartbeat rates. This lonkark is used by development and network tools to simplify construction of standard program IDs. The latter method is typically used for engineered systems, but the former method is sometimes used when a device interface file is not available.

Example of commands supported. The network variable type determines the format of the data. A special type of functional block is called the Node Object functional block.

FunctionalBlock List is a list of functional profile numbers with optional array indices and names for each of the functional blocks implemented on the device.

If the processors for any of the layers is absent, the device should not appear to be certified. Functional profiles are templates for functional blocks, and each functional block is an implementation of a functional profile. When the application program has a changed value for an output network variable, it simply passes the new value to the device firmware. No part of this document may be stored in a retrieval system, or.

This value is drawn from a registry of pre defined Device Class definitions. This mapping of network variables to functional blocks, and to specific network variables within the functional block, is done within the self documentation string. A number that uniquely identifies the device interface for a device.


Device formats 3 7 are used by network interfaces and legacy non interoperable devices and must not be used for other interoperable devices Manufacturer Field The Manufacturer field contains a 20 bit manufacturer ID MID. The actual type applicatin the network variable can be changed to meet the physical units measured, however, the developer must still declare an initial type for the network variable.

Network tools may use the device channel ID to track the channel to which a device is attached. The array size is required to convey multiple functional blocks each containing member arrays. A dynamic functional block is a functional block that is added to a device by a network tool after the device is installed.

The binding process thus creates logical connections between an output network variable in one device and an input network kayer in another device or group of devices. All documents listed here are available at unless noted otherwise.

Please send your request for a device class to the certification address Usage Field The Usage field is a one byte value describing the intended interoperabilitg of the device. Connections may be thought of as virtual wires. A certified device shall contain a device selfdocumentation string that specifies the selfdocumentation string structure and the functional profiles implemented by each functional block on the device as described in 2.