The Dietary Cure for Acne has 15 ratings and 2 reviews. Emily said: Be careful if you try the diet prescribed here – you will lose weight, even if you do. The man spearheading this movement is named Dr. Loren Cordain, and I discovered he also wrote a book called The Dietary Cure for Acne. Conventional treatment for acne relies mostly on antibiotics. Unfortunately in paleo diet advocate Loren Cordain’s e-book The Dietary Cure for Acne. Following.

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Be careful if you try the diet prescribed here – you will lose weight, even if you don’t need to!

There are long-term benefits to eating healthy, including having healthier babies. But I only have mild acne, so maybe it’s enough to know which foods to avoid and which to cut back on. Elaine Shum rated it it was amazing Dec 19, Sep 20, Marshall rated it really liked it Shelves: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Here is a quote from the book:. Emily Sarcos rated it it was amazing Jan 05, Crodain you will understand how an enzyme called ZAG, that normally works to help keep pores open, is inactivated when you eat certain common foods.


See this article for example. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But a typical American diet will not be the norm.


You are dor using your Twitter account. Atul added it Aug 08, ProActiv worked for awhile, but then the Benzoyl Peroxide in it would seriously dry out my skin, creating yet another problem.

The Dietary Cure for Acne – Loren Cordain – Google Books

So this is my personal modification. The information contained in the book is based on the following four scientific articles I authored between and showing that diet represents the major environmental trigger of acne: Bela Gil marked it as to-read Nov 20, Every page in this book is useful and important, and it covers everything: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Diet seemed to be the most obvious element, as neither the Ache nor the Kitavans had access to western foods such as refined sugars, dairy products, cereal grains, vegetable oils or processed foods.

I then stumbled upon The Paleo Dietwhich is a diet that directs its followers to eat much like our paleolithic ancestors: I have serious adult acne, and it is ruining my life at thirty years old. Danielle rated it really liked it Sep 07, With scientific references, The Dietary Cure for Acne clearly explains the ultimate causes of acne, and details a dietary program that will begin to clear up your skin within 30 days or less.

Here are the foods I will be avoiding: Many of them worked for awhile…the prescription seemed vordain work a miracle, and Perfect Skin was actually great but too expensive cordakn continue with…but after awhile my skin became resistant to the prescription and no longer did codain for me.

Kit Swindle marked it as to-read Aug 29, The tide has now turned, and many dermatologists now agree with the notion that diet represents the major factor underlying acne.


The dietary program I suggest in this book works by preventing the four immediate causes of acne, and will quickly result in great improvements or complete remission of your acne symptoms. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Loren Cordain, PhD, is one of the world’s leading experts and researchers in the area of evolutionary medicine.

The diet is divided into two distinct phases. I was skeptical about this book because it’s common knowledge among dermatologists that the acne-diet connection is a myth, but in recent years I’ve noticed that there has been more research on this, and it’s possible that it’s not a myth.

The pores become blocked by skin cells that adhere to one another Sebaceous glands in the skin produce excessive oil Bacteria colonize and infect the oil filled, blocked pore The oil filled, blocked pore and surrounding tissue become inflamed We were then able to deduce how the typical western diet caused hormonal and physiological changes that gor these four known causes of acne.

Victor Timotin marked xcne as to-read Mar 27, Yerzhan Rzabek added it Feb 27,