View and Download Mackie VLZ3 applications online. Spec Sheet. VLZ3 Music Mixer pdf manual download. Also for: vlz3. View and Download Mackie VLZ3 4-Bus overview online. Premium FX mixer With usb. VLZ3 4-Bus Music Mixer pdf manual download. Also for: Get Mackie VLZ3 PDF manuals and user guides, View all Mackie VLZ3 manuals. Add to My Manuals Save this manual to your list of manuals.

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Move everything back and forth – 0 to 10 to clean them. If the processors sound good, that’s two less rack-mounted units I have to lug into the gymnasium. Aux Sends have a switch on. The badly placed headphone jack is among my very short list of cons, which is completely outweighed by a lengthy list of pros. And certainly having a built-in USB interface not only lightens my load, but also facilitates a really quick turn-around in terms of getting a sermon podcast online.

Back to Search Results. These have 24 and 32 input channels, respectively, and the “04” designation refers to the fact that these are both four-bus mixers.

Auxes have a master level control and all six. Above the EQs are knobs representing the mixer’s six auxiliary sends. As a pair, they can be toggled between feeding the two internal effects processors or a pair of output jacks for external processing. Each subgroup has its own single-knob compressor-like inputsvery nice for creating drum spank buses and the like.


Mackie 2404 VLZ3 4-Bus Overview

The auxiliaries allow for really flexible mwckie, although it would be nice to have an option to switch auxes five and six to pre-fader mode, to allow a completely independent stereo recording via the USB interface. Page 6 Since we are always striving to make our products better by incorporating new and improved materials, components, and manufacturing methods, we reserve the right to change these specifications at any time without notice.

I would even suspect the phantom switch since they have POOR design with no inrush current limiting when charging the input capacitor. Answered on Jul 10, When downloaded, find the phantom power supply on page The causes of weak channels can be more challenging to track down. Unfortunately, inexpensive digital reverbs sound grainy and artificial to my ear, and while the s processors are not great, manuak not bad.

Aux Sends are pre-fader. Mackie Music Posted on Aug 26, Be the first to answer. Answered on Oct 02, Up to 15 dB of manuual or cut is available on each.

Mackie VLZ3 | Spec Sheet

If it is random channels, it is more likely a failure of faders if they seem noisy and ,anual out. Both mixers have two stereo channels with 4-band.

The inclusion of these items is gaining popularity with other manufacturers as well, and manal so. This is powerful-it makes for quick turnaround of podcast uploads, and can also enable quick editing, processing, and burning of CDs for churchgoers.

Review: Audio Review: Mackie 2404-VLZ3 Compact Mixer

First check C4 as that cap is run TOO close to the rating of 50 volts Other features include phantom power, mono and stereo. Since we mackje always striving to make our products better by incorporating new and improved materials, components, and manufacturing methods, we reserve the right to change these specifications at any time without notice. Please assign your manual to a product: There are four stereo returns with various.


Music Mixer Mackie SR These mixers have sections grouped and if you lose signal as a 244-vlz3, I believe it is eight channels, cables MIGHT be a problem. This pair is fixed in post-fader mode, so they’re not particularly useful for monitors. Recent Popular Answered Unanswered. About Us Subscribe Editorial Advertise. I would mackif expected you to be using the group outs for the monitor mixes and am not sure what you may be using them for otherwise. The compressor does not seem to be working.

Since the recording can be made directly to the computer, it can be uploaded very quickly, even if basic editing and processing are desired. That leaves only 1 aux. This manual also for: Aux Sends are a fixed post-fader send, perfect for effects. Sometimes users turn up the stage monitors to the point they can’t control enough with the mains.

Mackie cfx mkii series cfx 12 line mixer: There are three major features that make this mixer stand out: