En esta entrada os contamos nuestra experiencia haciendo psicobloc en Mallorca; cómo hacer psicobloc, dónde hacer psicobloc en Mallorca, cuales son los. The deep water soloing (known locally as Psicobloc) is well developed and excellen. DWS or Psicobloc in Mallorca. Featured in. The place was Porto Pi and this became Mallorca’s first bouldering venue. Miquel continued his obsession with Psicobloc by opening new.

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In March a new and fully comprehensive Rockfax guide was released, expanding and updating all things climbable on Mallorca. Hidden under the lighthouse in Porto Colom, is a large cliff offering both very low traverses and sketchy Chris Sharma routes topping out at 60 feet.

Psicobloc en Mallorca para principiantes | Non gogoa han zangoa

Salty water will have a permanent negative effect on any shoes, especially leather ones. A slowly rising horizontal roof looks impossible at first glance, but upon closer inspection is impregnated with pockets and in some cases – jugs. Cala Brafia Brafia holds almost 20 new lines with comfortable heights of 10m to 13m. You might want to exhale a little bit upon entering the water.

There is also no shortage of venues still to be explored and developed. Lo hemos metido como recurso recomendado en https: We are able to offer advice on everything you need to know for a successful climbing holiday in Mallorca.

Contact Sam and Justin rockandrideeurope gmail. All levels can be combined at the same area: Mallorca – 8 New Crags to Discover. The island is dotted with impressive spires of rock just crying out to be climbed. The main cliffs where eleven lines have been established require a traverse from the left side along a large hand rail. An easy approach on a rock shelf gains you access to a few athletic moves on huge, satisfying jugs. This is an excellent area for the first time soloer.


Activity Reviews Climbing Guide. Alternatively, a ledge halfway up the cave offers access to the crimprail halfway up the route. Deep water soloing is incredibly tempting for people fresh into rock climbing. Climbs sit mostly in the higher psicbloc of the grade spectrum and tackle steep caves and thin upper walls, which have proven difficult, even for the best mallirca us! The latter was my first ever 7a a few years ago — if you like overhanging, bouldery routes, chances are you will love it.

Get in touch with them for more information on climbing courses, guided multi-pitch adventures, advanced coaching, traditional climbing, deep water soling and more.

Psicoloc to go Most of the developed deep water soloing areas are over on the east of the Island. Although more and more people are interested in DWS, the cliffs are still far from busy. Lose the flipflops and take some decent approach shoes. While the conditions are far from perfect, hotter weather suits beginner climbers, who tend to spend most of their time in the water.

Also you need to find a solution to the wet chalk bag problem. I will report back. Continuing to browse our sites implies full acceptance of their use. Psicoblox Tower of Falcons also saw a significant addition in called Red Tide, 8a that climbs the red coloured wall to the right of the cave. This is the joy of DWS, you can head to the popular spots alone and find buddies along the way.

The classic way to reach the areas. This latest edition of the Mallorca Rockfax our 6th Mallorca publication in 15 years! Cala Barques; Photo by Daimon Beail.

Psicobloc en Mallorca para principiantes

A small number of overhanging routes are available to keep the psucobloc happy. Rainproof crags in Mallorca?

More recently the impressive and towering wall to the far right of the main Cala Mitjana wall has had a good number of lines added.


Contact us to find out more about our introductory DWS sessions. Since the last Rockfax init has also established itself as the home of Europe’s best deep water soloing.

Deep Water Soloing/Psicobloc

Gradually familiarising yourself with psicobloc is the best way to have a good experience. Contact Sam and Justin: It is without any d Maallorca, find the best beta and remember that exiting rough water is completely different to exiting when the water is still.

Llegamos a Palma, de noche y decidimos alquilar un coche en Mallorca para toda la semana. However, I must stress mallorcs this point there is much more to this sport than meets the eye if you want to avoid serious injuries. Short roof climbs mallorfa a sheltered cove with the option to extend if desired provide hours of fun.

Holding some of the best solos on the island, which were fully unearthed back in In fact it is very hard to find suitable climbs for beginners.

However, resting in the cave is fun and allows you to divide this great route into two parts. Inspired by the latter film, world-renowned climber Chris Sharma soon took his first trip to Mallorca in It also offers safety grades alongside the technical grades…. Go left to right, or right to left, depending on your mood. Let me reassure you that in Mallorca everything goes.

Make sure you know the exit area from the sea. It is always difficult advising someone on the psiccobloc area for climbing in Mallorca as the climbing venues are spread throughout the island.